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Welcome to this post that will be talking about why a snake plant might be having eaves that are turning wrinkly. The simple answer to this is that it’s probably being underwater, the temperature is too high or the sunlight getting on the plant is too much.

Even though the snake plant is used to growing in a desert environment where the conditions are pretty harsh, there is a limit to how much the plant can really take. But thankfully there are plenty of solutions that will fix your snake plant and make you able to once again have a thriving houseplant.

Follow along in this article and we will together learn even more about growing this fantastic plant. Even though it can be susceptible to certain aspects when growing we still believe this one to be great for beginners getting into gardening.

Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

Snake Plant Wrinkled Leaves

As we said in the first part of the article here, the snake plant will start to grow very wrinkly when the soil is underwater. When this goes on for too long then it will have a severe impact on the plant and the leaves will start to wilt.

We find that there is a pretty simple solution to this issue. Watering the soil more than you are currently will help a lot. But be careful as going too hard will instead make the roots start to rot and the entire plant will turn black.

Another thing we talked about was that the temperature that the plant is growing in is too high. This can be slightly tricky to fix, but moving it to a shadier area will help protect it a little bit at least. But when the plant is not getting any sunlight it will instead grow thin.

The snake plant is mostly used to growing in a desert type of environment. Here the temperature is very high and the moisture in the air is very low. It makes for a pretty hostile environment for plants to grow in but the snake plant found a way to survive.

With that said, it will quickly adapt to where you are growing it, and when the conditions change drastically so will the health of the plant too. 

The last cause for wrinkled leaves was when there is too much sunlight on the plant. About 8 – 10 hours each day will be plenty enough for it to continually grow and thrive. But when it gets too much we recommend you move it to a place where there is more shade.

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Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

How Do You Save A Shriveled Snake Plant

Saving a shriveled snake plant might not be as easy as you think. The plant has already had a rough time and now needs a healthy environment to grow in. Setting it up for success here will be extremely important.

The soil it’s growing in should be pretty damp for the plant to survive. But the temperature should be slightly lower as well. That will make it easier for the plant to once again start growing in the pot.

Fertilizing the soil a little bit could also be a great option as it will incentivize the plant that it’s worth growing new stems or further developing the ones that are already there. 

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Snake Plant Growing Indoors

How Do You Revive A Wilted Snake Plant

Reviving a wilted snake plant can be a tricky thing to do. The plant has already had a very tough time and making it recover to what it once was might not be worth it even.

The plant will need to have soil that is kept damp and well-watered to encourage more growth for the plant. But also fertilizing the soil a little bit will also help it once again develop new steams and a root system.

Snake Plant Growing Inside