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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a snake plant might be starting to grow thin leaves. The cause why this might happen is often because the plant is not getting enough light each day. This can cause a lot of harm as the plant can perform photosynthesis.

That is a vital part of the plant even being able to continue to grow and thrive where it is. So making sure the plant is getting a sufficient amount of sunlight each day is just one of the things you need to manage when growing a snake plant.

Follow along in this article and we will dive even deeper into growing and caring for a snake plant. We find that this variety is one of the best to grow at home because of the low maintenance that comes along. It is therefore also an excellent option for people that are just getting into gardening.

Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

Snake Plant Thin Leaves

We mentioned it at the start of the article here before. The snake plant will be growing the best if it can get the necessary amount of sunlight each day. If it is not getting that then the leaves will grow thinner but also they might change in color.

When you start to see that the leaves are shrinking then you will definitely have to do something about it. The damage that might otherwise be caused could be irreversible. Unfortunately, when the plant is shrinking its leaves some damage has already been done.

Make sure that you place the plant in a very sunny spot indoors. In our house, we reserve the south-facing windows for plants that will require a lot of sunlight each day. They need this to be able to grow and continue to do so.

The snake plant, like most plants, wants to get about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day to be able to expand and further establish itself where it is located. In a south-facing window, this is the easiest achieved.

But since we need the plant to get a lot of suns we also need to manage the watering a bit more with the soil. If you don’t, then we might risk the plant’s root system being damaged as they can’t sustain themselves. Making sure that the earth is always kept damp will be a priority.

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Snake Plant Growing Inside

How Do I Make My Snake Plant Leaves Thicker

Making the leaves on your snake plant thicker will mostly be about making sure there is healthy soil for it to grow in. That means we need to fertilize the soil a little bit every now and again. We usually follow it about 3 – 4 times each year. That will make the soil rich in nutrients and healthy things for the roots to take up.

But also make sure to water the soil plenty and never let it dry out. It should be kept damp for the best-case scenario. This way we are not risking the roots being overrun by too much water or stressing unnecessarily a lot because of dried soil.

Keeping the plant in the sun for at least 8 – 10 hours during the day will also help a lot. That keeps the plant able to perform photosynthesis. A vital process that makes it able to convert the sunlight into energy that then gets used to continue to grow.

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Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

How Do I Make My Snake Plant Bushy

Making a snake plant become bushy is not like other plants. We can’t really cut off some of the leaves and have new ones growing out very quickly. The snake plant can grow quickly but not at the same speed as some other houseplants.

Because of this, the best way to have a bushy plant is to just keep it healthy. Providing it with plenty of sunlight and having fertilized soil will also aid it a lot. Watering it about every other day or so will keep the root system happy and able to continue to grow.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors