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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a snake plant might start cracking. Often it will be about the plant being overwatered or just from physical damage. These things can severely harm its health of it and cause it to deteriorate.

But there are thankfully a few different things that you can do about it. The health of the snake plant is very important if you want one that will stand the test of time. In the case of an overwatered plant, we recommend putting it outside and hopefully having the sun dry out the soil a little bit to save the root system before it starts rotting.

Follow along in this article here and we will be revealing more things about growing and caring more about a snake plant at home. For us, it’s a great option for beginners as the plant doesn’t really require a whole lot of maintenance, no more than watering and keeping it in a sunny spot.

Snake Plant Growing In A Window

Snake Plant Cracking

As we mentioned at the beginning here previously the snake plant will be pretty vulnerable to getting a lot more water than needed during the day. Once the soil has become overwatered then it will negatively impact the root system of the plant growing there.

It can’t fully support itself anymore and will instead begin to start and rot. That will not be a good look as the plant above the surface will begin to turn black in color. A clear indicator that something is wrong underneath the soil.

How much water does a snake plant need then? Well we don’t really use a set amount as that will often just cause confusion. Instead we want the soil to be slightly damp to the touch. We find that to be the best condition for the snake plant to grow in.

It will keep the root system watered enough to keep growing and healthy. A pro tip is that you should be watering a small amount at a time to not risk overwatering it again. It should be damp about 30 minutes after you have watered it. That means it has had some time to settle and it’s just right. 

What can you do then when the plant is starting to crack and the soil has been overwatered? Well, the thing we have found to work in most cases is to leave the plant in a very sunny spot outside. That will hopefully make the soil dry out a little bit quicker, and possibly save the root system.

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Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

Snake Plant Propagation

Taking cuttings from a snake plant and then growing new plants is a great way to make the most of it. It’s also a very good technique to learn as it will apply almost across the board.

We will want to take a healthy leaf from the plant and then place it in some water. It shouldn’t really reach anymore than 1 – 2 inches high. That way we can focus on the root growth at the very bottom. More than that and the plant might not even develop any leaves and instead will start to wilt down after some time.

After about 3 – 4 days you will be able to see some roots appearing from the cutting. The snake plant is a really quick one when propagating. But you should hold off on planting it at this point. Usually, we won’t be doing this until at least the 2-week mark. 

Have a pot ready with healthy and fertilized soil. Good drainage and a place where there is plenty of suns will make sure you have the best environment to grow your new snake plant cutting.

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Snake Plant Growing Inside

Why Snake Plant Leaves Turn Yellow

A snake plant that is turning yellow will often be stressed. This can be caused by being transplanted or by being underwater. The causes can be many but nonetheless, the plant is not feeling very good.

To fix this we need to identify the issue. If the soil is dry then water the soil. Has the plant recently been repotted? Then the best thing to do is just wait for the plant to settle in again.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors