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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a snake plant might not be growing straight. The reason is often because the plant is not getting enough sunlight during the day. it can become quite a severe issue as the plant is no longer able to perform photosynthesis to the same degree.

This is a vital process that makes the plant able to convert the sunlight it gets during the day into the energy it needs to continue to grow. The plant will start to grow a long stem perhaps or thinner leaves. But growing sideways or not straight is basically always because of lack of sunlight.

Follow along in this article and we will talk even more in-depth about growing and caring for a snake plant. We feel like this is one of the best houseplants you could have at home, both for the low maintenance but also the decoration ability it has.

Snake Plant Growing Inside

Snake Plant Not Growing Straight

We already talked a little bit about the beginning of the article here that the snake plant will not be growing straight because of lack of sunlight during the day. As a reference point, the snake plant will require about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day if you decide to grow it indoors, which is the best place by the way.

The snake plant is naive to growing in a desert type of climates and environments. That means it will be pretty hardy when it comes to high temperatures and also dry and nonnutritious soil. So something it can’t live without is the sun.

This makes it grow not straight or sideways because the plant is desperately trying to reach a place where the sun is. If the plant is not getting a sufficient amount of light each day it can perform photosynthesis.

That is a very important process that basically every single plant out there will perform. It’s when the plant is converting the sunlight it gets during the day into energy that it then uses to further continue to grow and thrive. 

What should you then do when the plant is growing this way? Well for us it’s pretty self-explanatory. It needs to be moved to a sunnier spot to satisfy the needs it has. In our home, we have never noticed any issue when we keep the plant in the south-facing window. 

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Snake Plant Growing In A Window

Why Is My Snake Plant Growing Sideways

The reason we laid out before why a snake plant might start to grow sideways is that it doesn’t get sufficient amounts of sunlight each day. This causes the plant to in a desperate attempt to try and reach the spot where it can get enough sun for the day.

Because of that we need to move it to a south-facing window ideally as here it will be the easiest for the plant to get a sufficient amount of sun. Usually, we will be trying to get about 8 – 10 hours of sun on the plant each day. Placing it outdoors for some hours during the day could be a great option too.

But be aware that it will be pretty vulnerable to cold. The leaves will start to turn white and will eventually start to shrivel and the entire plant will decompose. So keeping the snake plant in a warm and sunny spot will have it thriving.

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Snake Plant Growing Indoors

Snake Plant Stopped Growing After Repotting

You shouldn’t really be worried about a snake plant not growing after you have repotted it. Most plants will be very stressed after they have been repotted. The whole root system has to be adjusting and adapting to a new environment.

But it will be starting to grow normally again after a while. Just make sure you keep it in a sunny spot and well-watered soil. Eventually, the plant will settle in and start growing again.

Snake Plant Growing Inside