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Dill Laying Indoors

Welcome to this post about how long a dill plant can last. Dill is technically a perennial herb that will live for two years. So it’s up to you to make sure it has the best possible environment to grow in to really maximize the harvest potential of those two years. In this article we will discuss and cover the best ways you can treat your dill.

As dill is a pretty hardy plant even though only living a couple of years it’s good to know about some useful techniques you can apply. As it can produce a lot of seeds you can continue the line of dill at home for many many years.

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Dill Plants Growing Outdoors

How Long Will A Dill Plant Last

Like we said in the beginning of this article, dill only lives for two years, meaning that it’s technically a perennial herb but you can’t really rely on it coming back year after year stronger and stronger. Therefore the only way of continuing to have dill growing at home is to collect the seeds and plant new ones. That is ofcourse if you want to continue having the same line of dill growing.

Since it will only live for two years you might as well make the most out of these two years. This includes treating it the best way possible and not having it wilt and not producing the best harvest possible. Dill really likes to grow when the temperatures are around 70 degrees. In celcius that would be about 28. At this level it will grow rapidly and you can make a meaningful harvest almost every other week. Or pick little by little all the time.

But since it’s very hot when it likes to grow the most, you need to make sure the condition of the soil is correct. It should never really dry out completely. Instead you want it to be kept moist or damp at all times. It can otherwise go very quickly for it to stop growing and instead wilt. Too little water in the soil means it has to stress getting nutrients.

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Dill Plant Growing Outdoors

Can Dill Grow Forever?

Unfortunately dll can not grow forever. It will last for two years and then it won’t be coming back most likely. Or atleast what’s growing at that point wont be worth keeping around. So make sure you are prepared to start growing dill again. We certainly wished we could have one dill plant growing forever but that’s just not the case.

Another factor to note is fertilizing the soil. The best fertilizer you can use is manure, but that can smell quite a bit. So if you don’t want that then we recommend using organic fertilizers that you can get in most stores. Using that about 4 times a year will ensure a healthy soil for the plant. The reason we want to use organic is because we want to be able to enjoy the dill, and not just grow it for the beauty it also has.

Let’s reiterate again on what we have been talking about here. Dill can live for up to two years and will after that die off. If you have let it go to seed and those seeds have fallen off then you probably will have new dill seedlings growing around the old one the next year. You need to make the most out of those two years, that includes keeping the condition of the soil correct and generally taking care of the plant.

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