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Welcome to this post about whether dill is a hard or difficult herb to grow. We might as well revela the answer right away, dill is a very easy herb to grow. Much of this is because of the resilience it can develop after establishing itself in the garden. It’s one of our favorite herbs to grow and use.

We try to have it growing every year and season in the garden. It will provide plenty of harvest if you have taken care of it the right way. In this article we will answer some of the common questions that can occur when thinking of a dill is hard to grow.

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Is Dill Hard To Grow

Just like we said in the beginning of this article, dill is not a very hard herb to grow. It can grow very fast once it has gained some ground and feels established. Follow some of the most basic guidelines with growing dill you should easily be able to have it thriving in no time.

Some of these important steps include making sure there is no water pooling at the surface of the soil. This indicated that there is very bad water drainage in the soil. Dill is a herb that can be sensitive to too much water. It’s a balancing act of keeping it happy. The sweet spot is when the soil is slightly damp and wet without being soggy.

Watering properly is the biggest issue you can run into when growing dill. But if you are having troubles with it not getting enough or too much water then take a step back and let it recover. If this keeps happening then we recommend you only water a small amount at a time so that you can slowly go up to the proper stage where the soil is well watered.

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Why Does My Dill Keep Dying

Like we outlined in the segment above here, the biggest reason for your dill dying is the watering of it. Dill is a herb that can manage fine without sun some days. That can have some effect on it by not growing as fast. But what we have seen being the biggest hassle for home gardeners is watering it.

Dill is a herb that really grows the best when the soil is kept both damp and well drained. If you are having troubles with your dill looking sad or hanging a lot then you should hold back on watering if you feel the soil is damp. If it’s instead sad or hanging whilst the soil is dry then you need to water it. But not all at once, as that might shock the plant too much.

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What Conditions Does Dill Need To Grow

We have mentioned a little bit about the conditions of the soil that dill really likes above this. But where should you place the plant then in your garden? Well for us the best place for dill has always been where it can get a lot of sun during the day. We always aim for it to get around 6 – 8 hours of sun every day. This is the required amount we have found to keep the growth on track, not slacking behind.

But it can get too much, then you need to minimize it. Too much will make the soil very dry and unfavorable for the plant. This can go rather quickly if the air is also very dry outside. Some people have therefore found a lot of success in growing the dill in a pot instead. This will let you move it around wherever you feel like. Letting it rest in the shade for a couple of hours during the day can really make it grow substantially more. Just like us, it will need some rest every now and again.

As for the health of the soil, it’s important to keep it well nurtured. This means that you will need to fertilize it about 3 – 4 times a year. What we like to use for this is either manure, which is the best or organic fertilizers bought from the store. Either will work very well, but amber is the best because of all the fantastic healthy nutrients that are found in it. 

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