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Welcome to this post about how you can grow dill inside in a pot. Dill is actually a herb that can manage well to be grown indoors, although not the optimal way but it still works very well. We have seen a lot of people growing it in the kitchen and then being able to harvest at their own comfort.

Growing dill indoors follows a lot of the same guidelines as growing it outdoors. The biggest difference is the need for sun that herbs or plants indoors need. We always say that you should aim for 10 hours or so. Feel free to follow along below and we will talk even more in depth on what it really takes to grow dill indoors.

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Growing Dill In Pots Inside

To grow dill indoors in a pot is a very good way of having it in comfortable reach whenever you need it in cooking. We have found this to be the biggest reason for keeping dill indoors. It’s such a handy and flavorful herb that can lift a lot of dishes.

Growing dill in a pot will be very similar to doing it outside on freeland in the soil. Here we also want the soil to be very well draining and no water should be pooling at the top. For us this indicates that the roots are struggling a lot. SInce the water isn’t draining away it’s staying in unnecessary large amounts and therefore causing harm.

The best way to fix this is by making sure you are growing your dill in a pot where there are small holes in the bottom. This will make it a lot easier for the water to leak out and not be a problem.

Just like always you want the soil to be kept damp or wet at all times to have the best environment for the dill to grow in. Keeping this up is what will make us break your dill growing journey.

We also said that one of the main issues you might run into is getting enough sunlight during the day. Having it growing indoors we want to aim for it to get at least 10 hours of sunlight everyday. This is necessary to keep the growth on track.

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How Long Does It Take To Grow Dill Indoors

Growing dill indoors will take slightly longer then growing it outdoors. The most obvious reason is because of the lack of sunlight they can sometimes get and the strength that it’s getting. Outside the herbs will faster establish themselves and be able to expand.

If you start with sowing the first seed then it will take about 2 weeks before you can see the first signs of life above the soil. This is the part where the dill is germinating and starting to grow the first roots. After about a month you will be able to re pot the dill plant if you so choose. This is mostly done if you want to grow it in a larger pot or have it growing outdoors instead.

At the 3 month mark you should be able to make the first harvest. It won’t be a huge amount but all that work before will be worth it now finally, at least we think so. Keep this up and you will have a happy and thriving dill plant that surely will come back next year too.

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Can You Grow Dill Indoors Year Round

Dill can actually be grown indoors year round. But the speed of its growth does vary a lot during the year. When the colder winter months start to arrive then the growth will be slowed down and you won’t be able to harvest as much as normally. But this goes with most herbs and is perfectly fine. It’s important that the herb gets to rest for a little bit during the year.

When you grow dill outdoors you will normally cut down the whole plant to get to most of it. But since dill is a 2 year plant it will come back strong the next year. But growing it indoors you won’t really need to do this. Instead you can just lay off the pruning and cutting of it.

Just make sure that you keep the soil healthy. We find that the best way to do this is using organic fertilizers from the store. Otherwise we always recommend using manure but this does smell quite a bit and is generally very unappealing to have indoors. Fertilizing should be done about 3 – 4 times a year only so as to not overdo it and stress the herb.

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