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Dill Growing In The Kitchen Window

Welcome to this post about how you can grow dill in your kitchen at home. Dill is a culinary herb that probably will grow the best outdoors. But this isn’t to say it can grow indoors at all. You will be able to harvest plenty of dill if you keep it in the right conditions and look after it every now and again.

In this article we will lay out precisely what is necessary to grow it in your kitchen. it all really comes down to keeping it in a sunny window and watering it properly.

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Dill Plant Growing In The Kitchen

How Do You Grow Dill In A Kitchen?

Growing dill indoors might not produce the same large harvest that you could get if you grow it outdoors, but nonetheless it can be great to have in your kitchen. But there are of course a few different things you could do to make sure you maximize the potential harvest. This includes the placement of the dill plant and the conditions you keep the soil in.

The best way of preventing your dill growing really thin and scraggly is by keeping it in the sun as much as possible. Indoors you will want to aim for the plant to get at least 10 hours of sunlight. Any less than this and they might not grow as much as they could. Growing anything indoors will pretty drastically increase the amount of sunlight you will need for it. Outdoors that number goes down to just 6 – 8 hours. This is because the sunlight is a lot stronger obviously outdoors than indoors.

The other important factor you need to think about and manage is the soil. Since we are growing it indoors then you will obviously grow it in a pot. But there are differences between pots and pots. You will want to get one that has small holes in the bottom. This is because we want the excess water to leak out and not pool in the bottom of the soil. Too much water and the roots will start to rot.

This can go pretty quick. One of the best ways we have found to know if it has good drainage besides from it coming out the bottom. You can check how long it takes for the water to sink through the soil. If it stays on the surface for many hours it probably is not a good soil to grow in.

Flowering Dill Plant

Can I Grow Dill In My House?

You can absolutely grow dill in your house. It’s one of the better herbs to be growing indoors. The most important part of growing it indoors is keeping it well watered in a sunny window. Keepin it like that will have it thriving and providing a lot of harvest. Make sure you never let the soil dry out completely.

You should strive to keep the soil damp or moist at all times. Dill is a herb that likes this type of soil. But you should also think about using fertilizers for the soil. We recommend feeding the soil about 4 times a year to keep it healthy. Of course you will want organic fertilizers so you can eat the herbs afterwards.

I want to reiterate again on what we have been talking about in this article. The best way to grow dill indoors in your kitchen is by keeping it in a sunny window. You also need to keep the soil damp and look out so no water is pooling.

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Dill Plant Growing In The Garden