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Flowering Dill Outside In The Garden

Welcome to this post about whether dill will grow better inside or outside. In all honesty, most things will grow better outdoors. This is because it’s obviously a more natural habitat for them but they can also take in the sunlight a lot better. But there are drawbacks of course that we will cover in this article.

What’s interesting about dill is that it can manage to grow outside for a lot longer than most other herbs. It can grow in conditions of as low as 25 degrees. Growth will of course be limited but it can survive.

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Dill Laying Indoors

Does Dill Grow Better Inside Or Outsid?

We pretty much revealed the answer in the beginning of this article. Dill will grow better outside, but that will go for pretty much any herb. Growing inside is more about maybe not having the opportunity to grow outside or space is really limited. Then it can also be really nice having all your culinary herbs right in your kitchen perhaps.

The biggest drawback with growing anything indoors is the fact you need sunlight for the plant. Indoors we usually say that they will need at least 10 hours of light to be sufficiently provided. Less than this and the growth of the plant will slow down.

Now there are of course some drawbacks with growing things outdoors in the garden as well. These can include it being very affected by the weather elements that can occur. Not plants really like hail storms or massive rains. Scorching sun during the summer can also become an issue.

But will all these things still see more benefit growing things outdoors. Indoors the plants get protected by this so growing herbs in a pot and keeping them outdoors when the weather allows and then indoors when the time is right can be a good strategy.

Dill Plant Growing Outdoors

Where Is The Best Place To Plant Dill?

Since dill is a herb that can only live for two years you need to pick a good spot in your garden to grow it so you can maximize the potential and the harvest from it during those years. This means that the spot should be able to get about 7 hours of sun each day. When you water the plant it shouldnt stay on the top, instead it should pretty quickly go down in the soil. Otherwise you might have drainage problems and that can cause the roots to start to rot.

I want to reiterate again a bit on what we have been talking about. We can establish that dill will definitely grow better outdoors even though it might have to suffer through some tough weather every now and again. The end result is worth it. But a good middle of the road approach you can take is growing it in a pot. This lets you move it indoors when hard weather comes.

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Dill Plant Growing Outside