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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you can treat a snake plant that has gotten inflicted with gnats. It is unfortunately not a very uncommon thing to have to happen. But know that there are things you can do about it.

The first would be to use something called a gnat stix. Think of it as basically a trap that will capture and make the gnats stick to it. You can then easily remove the gnat stix and eventually, the herd of gnats will get small enough that you won’t have an issue with them.

Even though these things can happen to the snake plant we still think that it’s one of the best varieties you could be growing if you are a beginner at gardening. Well, it works perfectly for experts as well. It’s a beautiful plant that will present a lot of decoration opportunities. Follow along in this article here and we will continue to learn about growing and caring for a snake plant.

Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

Snake Plant Gnats

As we said before in this article here. The snake plant can be inflicted by gnats. These are basically small larvae that will slowly eat away from your plant if nothing is done to stop them. But you should fear it as there are things you can do about it.

The first thing you can do is use something called a gnats stix. This is basically a type of trap that you will be putting around the edge of the pot. It will eventually start and collect gnats’ larvae as they get stuck to it.

Using something like this will make you able to then safely remove the traps and get rid of the gnats population in a pretty effective way. But we also need to know how to prevent these insects from ever getting to the plant again.

This will really be all about making sure the plant is healthy and has a great immune system and can repel attacks like this. Well, it’s not so much really about repelling, but more about making it less of a target. When the plant is not healthy, perhaps the roots aren’t growing very well and the leaves are wilting, that is a perfect target for gnats to start attacking.

Watering the plant regularly and also making sure it gets enough sun each day will cover its basic needs of it. But a pro tip is to use a fertilizer to make sure the health of the soil is better. That will make the roots grow quicker, which in turn makes the entire plant grow quicker.

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Snake Plant Growing In A Pot

How Do I Get Rid Of Gnats In My Snake Plant

Getting rid of gnats from your snake plant is really best done with something called a gnats stix. That is basically a small trap that you will set around the pot of the plant. As the larvae will be moving around they will eventually get stuck in the trap.

It has some glue that makes the gnats stick. This will then make it very easy for you to pick them off and little by little reduce the population of gnats you have surrounding your snake plant.

But preventing it from happening again is also very important. That basically means you need to keep it in a healthy state. Watering the plant regularly will make sure of that, but also fertilize the soil every now and again. We usually do it 3 – 4 times a year and have found a lot of success with that.

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Can Snake Plants Attract Gnats

The snake plant can attract a number of different insects that might want to start stealing nutrition from the plant. Among these are gnats but they will usually only appear when it has been overwatered and exposed to a bad environment.

That color basilica is too much water or a temperature that is not sustainable for the plant. We find that keeping it in a slightly shadier area when the high seasons of the summer are kicking in is a great option.

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