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Dill Plant Growing In The Garden

Welcome to this post that will talk about some of the ways you can take off your dill in the garden. Dill is a herb that lives for 2 years and can provide plenty of harvest if it has the right conditions. It’s pretty easy to grow herbs but doing a few extra things will really help you maximize the potential of this fantastic culinary plant.

It can in fact grow in temperatures as low as 25 degrees but won’t provide a lot of harvest at this level. The ideal is somewhere around 70 degrees and this is where the real magic happens. Follow along and we’ll discuss how you can take off your dill the right way.

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Dill Plant Growing In The Garden

How Do You Take Care Of Dill In The Garden

Like we said in the beginning of this article, dill is a pretty easy herb to grow since it can manage a vast difference in temperatures. All the way from 25 degrees up to 70 – 80 degrees. But it will certainly grow the best at the higher end. But since it’s so warm at this point then we need to pay extra attention to the plant as it might be in need of different things throughout the growing season.

One of the most important things to keep an eye on is the condition of the soil. If it’s really dry then you will quickly need to water it. Otherwise it might not take long for the plant to stop growing and start wilting instead. What we find works the best for dill is having the soil kept moist and damp at all times. Then you won’t run the risk of overwatering it and letting water pool. But you won’t risk it drying out underneath. If the top soil is damp then most likely that will be the case if you go deeper down.

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Another important thing to keep an eye out for is how much sun the plant is getting throughout the day. Normally most plants will want about 6 – 8 hours of sunlight each day to progress and continue growing nicely. If it gets lower than that then you should be surprised if it takes longer for it to grow.

But if it goes way above that then you might need to move it. That can be very difficult if you are growing it on freeland and digging it up is not an option. We therefore suggest you plant it in a place where it can get a couple hours of sunlight every day.

Dill Flowering Outdoors

Will Dill Regrow When Cut?

Dill will regrow when you cut it. It might not grow back as fast as other culinary herbs that are also very popular. But cutting it back in small amounts at a time will make the time growing back a lot quicker. Small harvest wont shock the plant and will keep it steadily growing throughout the season.

The health of the soil is also very important. We usually recommend most home gardeners to fertilize the soil about 3 – 4 times every year. This should of course be done when it’s not very cold outside as it won’t have a massive effect otherwise. The plants aren’t really growing at this point anyway. Make sure you use an organic fertilizer if you want to use the herbs for culinary endeavors.

To reiterate a bit again on what we have been talking about. Dill wants the soil to be kept moist and damp throughout the season. Make sure you fertilize it every now and again. Growing it outside it wants about 7 hours of light and maybe a few in the shade to keep it healthy.

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Dill Plant Laying Indoors