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Welcome to this article that will be talking about having spider mites attacking your snake plants indoors. This is unfortunately a pretty common insect that will be attacking plants that are growing indoors. 

The reason they are so bad is that they will drain the leaves and the stems from sap. Something that is vital for the plant to be able to even survive. This is why we need to get rid of spider mites as soon as possible once we see them. Luckily there is something called neem oil that has been proven to be able to get rid of them rather successfully.

Follow along in this article and we will be talking more in-depth about how spider mites can be horrible to have on your snake plant. Even though the variety can get infested by these insects we still think it’s a great option for beginners to start out with. It’s a low-maintenance plant that also looks very pretty.

Snake Plant Growing Leaves

Spider Mites Snake Plant

We mentioned in the beginning that when spider mites start to attack a snake plant we must quickly do something about it. Small insects are not uncommon to find on plants that are growing indoors. They enjoy the warmer temperature and the access to plants that are growing very healthy.

What the insects actually do on the plants is that they will drain theme of sap. Think of it as the life elixir for the plant to be able to survive. When the spider mites really infest the snake plant then it will struggle to survive if it’s left to go on.

But there is a remedy that has proven to be rather effective against aggressive insects. It’s called neem oil. Applied on the plant it will deter the insect from still being there. If they still stay on then the oil will eventually even kill them. 

We have found this to be a great option for the plant and basically the only way to save it once we see spider mites living on it. But there are ways we can minimize the risk of them even getting on there from the beginning.

Having it growing in a healthy environment, means soil that is rich in nutrients from getting fertilized regularly. A soil that is also kept damp from watering it every now and again. If the snake plant also can manage to get about 8 – 10 hours of sun each day then it will be like cloud 9 for it. You will have a much lesser chance of spider mites affecting it.

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Are Snake Plants Susceptible To Spider Mites

Snake plants are unfortunately susceptible to spider mites. Since the variety is best grown indoors, this is also where we can find this pestering insect. It will quickly begin to drain the plant of sap, an important part for improving the growth of the plant.

But there are thankfully a few things you can be doing to hopefully get rid of these spider mites. That is to use something called neem oil. That will be creating a hostile environment for the spider mites to live in. Before you even know it they won’t be bothering you anymore.

The reason the spider mites are even attracted to the snake plant from the start is the shape of the leaves. They are growing in a very snake-like way that makes for a perfect place where the spider mites can establish themselves along the flat leaves.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Spider Mites On Snake Plants

Getting rid of the spider mites on a snake plant is best done with something called neem oil. That is a remedy that will create a very hostile environment for the insects to live in.

Apply it along the infected area and see the plant slowly getting less and less attacked. With time and patience, you will once again have a snake plant that is thriving in your house.

Snake Plant Growing Indoors