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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether or not the pothos leaves on your plant will be regrowing and coming back stronger than ever. Unfortunately, the leaves on your pothos plant will not be regrowing any time soon if they have been damaged.

But instead of regrowing, it’s better to remove the leaves and then have new growth come forth. This way the plant will county to grow and might even look better than ever. You might be aware already of people planting a herb plant or whatnot to make it appear bushier, the same principle can be applied to the pothos plant.

Follow along and we will share even more information about this lovely houseplant to have at home. For us one of the best beginner-friendly plants to start out with.

Pothos Plant Growing Inside

Do Pothos Leaves Grow Back

Just like we said at the beginning of this article here, the pothos plant will not have its leaves regrowing anytime soon, unfortunately. When the leaves have been damaged the plant is damaged as well of course. It’s very hard for it to regrow these parts and will instead lean towards growing completely new leaves.

This is the best part of the pothos plant. As you will never have to worry about not having any leaves growing on the plant. Instead, the best method or technique to use is just to remove the plant’s damaged leaves.

This makes it easier for the plant to regrow the new leaves from the stem. But be aware that removing too many leaves in one go could instead harm the plant quite significantly. It collects energy from the leaves and even though they might be damaged they still serve some use.

So remove them one by one instead and wait a little bit in between them. Make sure that you are also keeping the plant in the best possible environment when you decide to do this as well. This will make it easier for it to regrow faster.

A good environment for the pothos plant to grow in will be a sunny spot and soil that is kept semi-damp at all times. So watering every other day or so will keep this in line. Overwatering can be an issue with pothos plants but we find it to be a pretty hardy plant against such things.

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Pothos Plant Leaves

How Do You Get Pothos To Regrow Leaves

Getting the pothos plant to regrow damaged leaves is basically impossible. They are no longer of any big use to the plant. So it won’t prioritize growing these parts. Instead, we recommend just removing these leaves and giving room for new ones to come forth.

When the leaves have been damaged, be that from drying up or from being overrated, they can’t regrow as we said before. But we feel like we need to mention that you should keep them around a little bit at least. 

By this, we mean that removing all the leaves at once can choke the plant. This is not very good and could even kill the plant. So taking one by one away will make this transition easier. It will give time for new growth to start appearing as well.

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Pothos Plant Growing Indoors

Should I Cut Damaged Pothos Leaves

Cutting away the damaged pothos leaves is one of the better things you could be doing for the plant actually. They will not be regrowing and might even just steal energy from the plant that otherwise would have gone to other things, like new growths.

But be aware that if you have many damaged leaves then removing them all at once can choke the plant quite a lot. Be careful instead and remove them one by one. 

Pothos Plant Growing In A Pot