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Welcome to this post that will discuss what time of the year peaches are usually ready to be harvested. It will of course depend a lot on the type of climate that you have where you live. But as a rule of thumb, normally at the end of the summer. Around September is when we think the best ones are grown. As you might be aware, peaches take between 3 – 5 months to ripen after being pollinated.

The longer they take, the colder the climate will usually be where they are. This makes it so that the season for peaches is at the end of the summer and maybe a month or two in autumn. After that, the peaches available will often not be organic and grow indoors or come from abroad.

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Peach Ready To Be Picked

What Time Of The Year Are Peaches Ready To Be Picked

The best time of the year to be picking peaches is when the temperatures are high so the fruits can ripen very well. We usually see this happening in and around late summer, or more specifically in September. All the best peaches we have had have always been at this time of the year.

But the time it will ripen will depend greatly on where you live. Since it takes the fruits 3 – 5 months to ripen after being pollinated then those with warm climates will begin this earlier. Therefore they will also be able to harvest earlier. California and South Carolina state that early in the season are available to provide a lot of peaches for sale.

An essential thing that you need to look at when harvesting the fruits is the feel of them. They should not be too firm as others will need to hang longer on the tree to ripen all the way. But on the other side, if they are too ripe they can quickly turn brown inside and are then often very unpleasant to eat. Looking at and feeling the fruits is what will determine if they are ready or not.

Some of the things that you can be doing to get them to grow faster and ripen better is to make sure you keep your peach tree in a sunny spot. It might be difficult for those that have planted the tree on freeland. But this is a good idea for those that keep it in a large pot. Keeping the soil well watered and not letting it dry out will help the tree a lot. Dry periods of the summer can be rough for it and it might need all the help it can get.

Peach Tree Budding In The Spring

How To Pick Peaches From Trees

The best way of picking peaches from a tree is to feel them first. You never want to pick a peach that is still hard. Picking it up will be a waste of time as it could have ripened on the tree instead. Instead, you should only pick the peaches that are soft and definitely the ones that are very soft. These are most likely way over and won’t taste very good. A good way to know is by looking at the flesh of the peach. If it’s really brown then don’t eat it.

The best storage for the peaches is a wide container where you don’t have to stack them on each other. Some dry kitchen paper will help pull out any moisture as well. Moisture is the enemy of keeping fruit and vegetables for a long time.

Let’s reiterate again a bit what we have been talking about here. Peaches are usually ready to be harvested in September or just at the end of the summer. They take between 3 – 5 months to ripen fully so you will have plenty of time to check on them. They should be soft to the touch when you want to pick them, the weather should also be warm outside. That tends to help in making them sweeter.

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Peach Tree Growing Outside