Mint Leaves Turning Brown In Lemon Water

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Mint Leaves Turning Brown In Lemon Water

Mint leaves can definitely turn brown in lemon water and the reason for this happening is the acidity of the water. You might think that lemon in water will help it stay fresh, like it does with a few other vegetables.

But the lemon acidity will affect the color of the mint leaves, the chlorophyll really. This will start to make it wilt and quickly go brown. Any fresh leaves of herb will go bad if it touches too much acidity. At that point you should quickly start eating them or not use them at all as after just 30 min the flavor will be dulled.

Below we will continue to dive deeper into this topic and also talk about some of the best storage options for mint leaves and fresh herbs in general.

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Mint Leaves Turning Brown In Lemon Water

Just like we said in the beginning of this article here, the mint leaves will quickly start to wilt and go brown if they get in contact with too much acidity. Lemon water is therefore the number one enemy of keeping herbs fresh.

Instead we really recommend you keeping them in a dry container with some kitchen paper in there too. This will help the leaves stay fresh for a lot longer. As moisture is the enemy of keeping vegetables and fresh produce for a long time.

In a small container that’s dry and kept cool in the fridge will probably stay good for up to 2 weeks at the most. But in the middle of this you might have to change the kitchen paper to keep the moisture level down.

A common trick with lemon is to keep it in water with vegetables that are susceptible to going brown quickly. But for any fresh leaves or herbs they should not get in contact until you are actually about to eat.

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Mint Leaves Turning Brown In Fridge

If you are seeing your mint leaves turning brown in the fridge then you might want to consider the way you are storing them. The ideal way to keep mint leaves for a longer time is in a container which is air-tight. This will help reduce the risk of moustire getting in there and creating an envoirment for mold to grow.

But it could also be that the leaves are simply getting old. After a week or so in the fridge, it´s completly normal to see them starting to turn brown. Just make sure you are using them up as soon as possible, as the flavour will also be leaving when they are turning brown.

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How Long Can You Keep Mint Leaves In Water

Keeping mint leaves in water is not really the ideal way of keeping it for a long time. Instead you should be keeping it in a container with dry kitchen paper. This will remove the risk of too much moisture being in there.

But keeping mint leaves in water can be done for a few days before they start going bad. But if you want them to almost be fresher than when you picked them, then put some ice in the container. This will make the leaves almost crispy. Something we highly recommend you doing.

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Mint Leaves Turning Black

Whenever you are seeing a plant start turning black on the leaves, it´s very often caused by there being some issues below the surface. Most likely the roots are rotting which causes the rest of the plant to do the same aswell.

The best way to fix this would be to let the mint plant sit in a warmer and drier area. This will hopefully make some of the water dry off and save the plant.

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Why Do Mint Leaves Turn Black In Hot Water

The reason for mint leaves turning black in hot water is because they are getting cooked. This is caused by the experience of too much heat and the chlorophyll in them will disappear. That is something that happens all the time with fresh green leaves.

If you have ever tried making tea with mint then you would know about the leaves wilting and turning bad. But this is not necessarily bad because the flavor is captured in the water or liquid.

So for long keeping of mint leaves you should really try and have them in a dry container with some kitchen paper in there. This will make it stay good for almost 2 weeks if kept right.

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