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Welcome to this article that will talk about how long you can keep strawberries outside at room temperature after being harvested. The berries are full of sugars that with time will attract flies as they are an excellent food source for them.

Given that, we need to be careful how long we keep them out. After 2 – 3 days you might actually start seeing insects on the berries. Luckily there are ways we can preserve them a lot longer and keep them viable without wasting any.

Follow along in the article and we will continue to talk about the way we can keep the strawberries good. It’s one of the best plants beginners can start out with. The varieties we have available these days are really resilient and usually can handle most climates and environments.

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How Long Can Strawberries Stay Out

Like we already said in the beginning segment here, there is a time that strawberries will start to turn bad and attract insects. It’s somewhere after 2 – 3 days if kept solely outside. 

This isn’t really very nice as the berries are full of sugars and will pretty quickly start to decompose then. There are thankfully a lot of better ways for keeping the berries good. 

The way we do it in our house is to refrigerate them. This will slow down any form of disease or mold that otherwise would grow on them. We lay them out in a container with some kitchen paper on the bottom. 

Make sure they aren’t smashing against each other too much. That will otherwise just create a lot of surface area where the berries will have mold starting to grow. Make sure you have a lid on the container as well.

You might wonder how long you can keep the berries like this then. We have found that the strawberries can stay like this for well over a week. But make sure you check the condition of them before you decide to eat them. Strawberries are notorious for being very fast at going bad.

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Do Strawberries Spoil If Not Refrigerated

Strawberries have gotten a reputation for spoiling pretty quickly. Much because the berries are very rich in sugars which causes it to be a great place for mold to grow on. But insects will also start to be attracted to the berries as they are laying outside in the kitchen for example.

The best way to preserve and keep fresh strawberries is in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it’s not likely that the strawberries will be good after 3 – 4 days. At that point, the sugars are starting to break down and the texture won’t be very appealing.

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How Long Can Strawberries Stay Out Before Going Bad

If you read the segments just above here, then we revealed that strawberries normally stay good for somewhere around 3 – 4 days before starting to show signs of going bad. At that point, the sugars in the berries are breaking down which creates a created environment for mold.

If you want to keep your berries good for the longest time, then make sure you keep them in a sealed container in the refrigerator instead. If you do that, they can stay good for at least a week.

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