Plant That Smells Like Mint

Mint Plant Growing Outside

Plant That Smells Like Mint

Welcome to this post that will talk about a few different plants and herbs that will actually share some similarities with mint. Some of these will include bible leaf and anis hyssop. These are easy to grow but do not carry with them some of the bad habits that mint has.

Below we will continue to dive even deeper into these fantastic alternatives. They share the wonderful aromas of mint to a certain degree. Now, it’s important to say that it’s very hard to fully replace and get something exactly like mint. Mint is a very unique herb, but like we said, there can be some alternatives.

Mint In The Sun Outside

Plant That Smells Like Mint

Just like we said in the beginning of the article here, there are a few different herbs and plants that do smell and sort of taste like mint. The ones we like the most are both bible leaf and anise hyssop. We like them the most for how easy they are to grow.

These are some herbs that are similar to mint both in the smell, the signature mint smell can be felt with these too. Perhaps not to the same extent as mint has a very strong aroma. But they have that minty note. With this, the flowers of the plants will also be very similar.

As for the best part, they don’t share some of the negative qualities that mint has. The most common thing that we immediately think about is how mint easily spreads a lot. These herbs you can plant in a pot or on freeland and never really have to worry about having them take over the garden.

Make sure they sit in the space of your garden where the sun shines a lot. Treat them very similar to growing mint. Make sure the soil never really dries out and no water should be pooling at the top.

Are you having problems with caterpillars eating your mint plant? We have actually put together an article that will talk about this and give some tips too. Find it here, Green Caterpillar Eating Mint.

Mint Plant Growing In The Garden

Are There Any Weeds That Smell Like Mint

There is actually a weed that will both look and sort of smell like mint. This one is called ground ivy. It’s a very common weed to have growing in your garden. It’s fortunately not like a lot of other annoying plants to have, it does of course spread, but not to an extreme extent.

We find that the best way to counter this one is by just mowing the lawn regularly. This will work against the plant as it won’t have the time to fully flower and spread seeds that way. Instead it will be spreading via its root system, but that will be a slower process. 

Are the mint leaves that you have picked turning brown when left in lemon water? In this article right here we will discuss this issue and give some tips for storing mint. Find it here, Mint Leaves Turning Brown In Lemon Water.

Mint Sprig Laying Indoors

Does Anything Poisonous Smell Like Mint

Unfortunately there is something that will smell like mint and be very poisonous. But the good sde is that it will be very hard to find it in the wild or ever really encounter it. What we are talking about is called MCHM for short. 

Its an alicyclic alcohol that will exist as a mixture of trans and cis isomers. The liquid is colorless and will smell a lot like mint. Both inhaling or consuming it in any way shape or form will have a bad effect on you. It will be very harmful for the body.

But will all these warnings said and mentioned, we don’t want to stress you out since the likelihood or you actually ever getting in contact with this one is very slim.

Mint Plant Growing Outside

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