What Are The Best Conditions To Grow Mint In

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What Are The Best Conditions To Grow Mint In

Welcome to this post about what the best conditions to grow mint in are. In this article we will cover what makes for the best environment and climate of growing this fantastic culinary herb. Mint is thankfully one of the easier herbs to grow at home actually. It will produce amazing harvests but only if its conditions are met. Some of these include having the soil not dry out or not pooling water, but enough sunlight is also very important.

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What Are The Best Conditions To Grow Mint In

Like we mentioned in the beginning, some of the best conditions for growing mint will rely on what type of soil there is, how nutritious it is and the access to sunlight. We can take them one at a time so we can better understand them and what they will do for the plant.

The first one and probably the most important is the soil. Without a good soil we won’t have any good mint plants. Mint does ask for a few things where it will grow. it never wants the soil to dry out, so make sure you get it at least damp or somewhat wet at all times. This will benefit the plant a lot. If it dries out for too long then it will most likely start losing leaves and within a few days you might not have a mint plant anymore.

But the soil also needs to be rich in nutrients. Mint grows even faster this way and might actually bring more harvests that way. The best way to make sure you have a healthy soil is fertilizing it a couple of times a year. We recommend doing it about 4 times a year to give enough time in between to not stress the plant. Too much fertilizer and it will start to overfeed the plant and it will wilt because of that. Since we want to eat the mint, you should probably use an organic fertilizer.

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What Is The Secret To Grow Mint?

The secret to growing mint really is about the sunlight and a soil with great water drainage. The two play together very well. Growing mint indoors requires about 10 hours of light but only 6 – 8 hours outside. Getting that right with a great water balance will have your mint flourishing. Water should not be pooling on the top or staying in the bottom of the soil. At the top it is not good and at the bottom it will cause the roots to rot. This is pretty easily countered by having holes in the bottom of the pot you are growing in. The excess water can leak out and won’t cause any harm.

Last point is about the sunlight. If you are growing inside then make sure the plant gets about 10 hours of sun each day. If you are growing outside this number decreases to 6 – 8 hours. Without enough sun your mint plant will look very scraggly and won’t produce enough harvests. It will also not develop a proper root system so the longevity of your plant might be in danger.

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