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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the sprouting time that you can expect from strawberry seeds. They are either pretty quick at sprouting or they can be really slow too. 

Or it will take between 1 – 6 weeks in total for the seeds to sprout all the way. There are a few things we need to care about when we are trying to sprout the seed as well. The temperature at which the seed is sprouting is very important as well as the humidity in the air as well.

Follow along in this article and we will continue to learn about the wonderful plant that is the strawberry. It’s great for beginners who want something very flavourful to grow at home in their garden. 

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Strawberry Seed Sprout Time

As we said at the beginning of the article here, it can take some time for the strawberry to properly sprout. Either it can be 1 week or all the way up to 6 weeks. it’s not something we can speed up too much, it’s just a waiting game.

But what we can do is make sure it’s sprouting in the best possible environment and conditions. For us, that means that the humidity in the air needs to be pretty high. The higher the humidity the easier the seed will have at starting to sprout, it encourages it to start the process.

Another thing is keeping the temperature slightly high, in a window is great, but don’t let it get too much sunlight. It might dry out the seed too much and then it will either not work or just take an incredibly long time.

We have found that the best technique to start sprouting the seeds is to let them sit between paper that is sprayed with water. That in combination with sitting in a slightly warm spot will help kickstart the germination process.

After you see something starting to grow from the seed, it’s ready to be transplanted into a pot and grown in soil instead. Make sure the soil is well draining to not drown the seeds and make sure the pot is also in a pretty sunny spot in your garden.

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When Should Strawberries Start Sprouting

Strawberries have a pretty long timeline between when they could start sprouting and they should start doing so. It’s between 1 to 6 weeks in total. During this time we need to make sure the seed has the best possible environment to sprout in.

We recommend doing it with some wet kitchen paper that we spray with water whenever they are starting to dry out. Keep the paper and seeds in a slightly more warm place in your garden.

Doing that will help encourage the seeds to grow even more. After fully sprouted, you can replant them into a pot with healthy soil that is well draining as well. 

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Strawberry Plant In The Garden

What Is The Fastest Way To Germinate Strawberry Seeds

The fastest way to germinate strawberry seeds is to simply put them between some kitchen paper that has been sprayed with water. This will create a very humid environment for the seeds to start growing in.

That in combination with a warm temperature will hopefully have them germinated within 1 – 2 weeks. After that, they are ready for being repotted into some soil full of nutrition.

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