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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how long it will be taking to finally be able to harvest some strawberries if you have planted seeds. Unfortunately, you will not be able to expect any fruits the first year you are growing it.

Instead, the plant will produce the first fruits the second year after being grown from seed. The strawberry plant will grow rather quickly compared to a lot of other plants out there but like most can bear any fruit the first year. But to ensure you will get any the next year you need to set the plant up for success. That means caring for it and also pruning any leaves that might start to go bad.

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How Long Does It Take To Grow Strawberries From Seed To Fruit

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the article here. The strawberry plant that was grown from seed the last year will not be producing any buried until the second year. The reason for this is that it needs some time to establish itself before going the extra mile and starting flowering.

It is therefore very important that we try and take care of the plant as much as possible to ensure that we will be having some berries next year when that comes around. What we mean by this is caring for the soil so it never really dries out. But also keeping the plant in the sun for at least 8 – 10 hours each day. Doing all these things will ensure a healthy berry plant.

Let’s talk a little bit then about if you were to plant an already one-year-old plant. These will actually be starting to produce fruits already after 3 months. These are what most people will go for as they are widely available in gardening stores all across the country.

Place them in soil that is well drained and make sure it never really runs dry. That will keep your plant happy and able to keep producing fruit all year if you keep it indoors. But note that the spot should also be getting a lot of suns each day.

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Do Strawberries Fruit The First Year

The strawberry plant will not be fruiting if you are growing it from seed the first year. The plant is instead fully focused on making sure it can establish its root system and become a part of your garden at home. 

If you were to however instead pot a strawberry plant bought in a store that already is a year old then it can bear fruit after only 3 months. That plant will already be eager to start growing more and more flowers.

Growing the strawberries outdoors will make it a lot easier for insects to get a hold of the flowers and help pollinate them. If this is not happening then you will not be seeing any fruit develop on the plant. To have a happy insect kingdom is just as important as having healthy soil to grow in. In most cases, the two will go hand in hand.

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How Long Does It Take To Harvest Strawberries From Seed

If you were to plant a small strawberry seed then you will be able to expect to harvest the following year. This is because the first year is basically dedicated to the plant just establishing itself in this new place.

It has to adapt and make sure its roots can find nutrition that will help it survive and flower eventually. But if you were to plant a strawberry bush that already is one year old in the summer, then you might be having some berries at the end of the season actually.

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