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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you can grow a strawberry plant from a seed. It is actually a lot easier than you might think. It will grow rather slowly but if you have some patience the year after you have planted it you will be able to harvest some berries.

But there are some things you need to care for like making sure the soil is healthy and full of life. A proper watering schedule and also placement of the plant. All these things will be affecting the way the plant will grow.

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Strawberries Laying Indoors

How To Grow Strawberries From Seed

Like we said at the beginning here of the article, the strawberry plant is actually rather easy to grow at home. It will be growing pretty slowly as the seed will eventually germinate and prioritize a root system before growing any length to it above the soil.

Let’s take it from the beginning and say first sow a seed of strawberry. We need to do it in soil that has been watered and fertilized as well. This will help the seed germinate a lot quicker and you will see results faster too.

After the 8-week mark, you should definitely be able to see some signs above the soil. it might not grow more than an inch or so,, however. The plant will, like we said, start growing a large root system at first before growing any meaningful height and size to it.

Keep the soil from drying out. The best environment for the strawberry to grow it will be slightly damp soil. That will help it immensely in always having a source of energy. Make sure it is also getting a lot of sun during the day. In most cases, we will be growing the plant indoors at first. Here we strive to have it get between 8 – 10 hours at least. But if we are growing it outdoors then you will only need about 6 – 8 hours of light. The concentration of light will be a lot higher if you are having it outside.

After the 8-week mark, we will actually be able to transplant it and grow it on Freeland if we choose. This is the recommended thing to do actually. The roots can grow like they normally would and you might even get more berries.

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How Do You Get Strawberry Seeds

Getting the strawberry seeds is actually rather easy. If you have a small tweezer then you can try and pick out the individual seeds from the berry. Then you can keep them on some kitchen paper and let them dry out.

This is the best thing to do if you don’t want to grow the seeds straight away. It will keep them viable for a lot longer. Then you can take some small containers with well-draining soil that has been watered through. Perhaps you might want to add some fertilizers as well. That will give the seeds a good headstart in starting to germinate. 

After about 8 weeks you will be able to transplant it. We will then want to pick a very sunny spot where the plant can get at least 6 – 8 hours of light when grown outdoors. That will ensure the plant always has a constant source of energy as it is performing photosynthesis

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Can I Plant A Whole Strawberry

You could definitely plant a whole strawberry and have it grow. But the effect or the effectiveness of doing this might be divided. We instead recommend that you try and cut a thin slice of the strawberry and plant it in the soil.

There are quite a lot of seeds in the strawberry so we need as little competitions as possible. Sowing a whole seed will make this venture a lot harder than it has to be. So in conclusion you could either plant a thin slice of the strawberry or you could pick out individual seeds from the berry.

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