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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the difficulty of growing strawberries. The plant is actually in our opinion one of the easiest you could be growing at home. It’s a very rewarding one to get started with as the results will be showing rather quickly if you care for the plant the right way.

The biggest issue we have found with people growing strawberries is the watering of the plant. This is a vital part as it will decide whether or not the root system will survive. Too much water and it won’t get enough oxygen, that then causes the plant to start wilting way too soon.

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Are Strawberries Hard To Grow

Like we said in the beginning of the article here, the strawberry plant will actually be rather easy to grow at home. The requirements for growing it will all come down to the way we treat the soil it’s in. We need it to be both healthy and thriving at the same time.

This means using some fertilizers every now and again might be needed. If you are growing it on freeland then using manure will be the best choice. That will help boost the health of your soil and you should be able to see a lot of worms on the soil now. That is a very good sign you have healthy soil.

But other factors like keeping the soil well watered will also make or break the success you will have with growing strawberries. We will always recommend that you add small amounts of water at a time. This will help us a lot in making sure the soil is never underwatered or overwatered. It should be slightly damp to the touch when we are finished. If the soil is like this the next time you want to water, then you should probably hold back. The roots will have a lot of unnecessary stress caused otherwise.

These are really the main challenges with growing a strawberry plant at home. But things like ensuring enough sunlight can be difficult. So instead of trying to move the plant around a lot, just keep it in the sunniest spot you have in your garden.

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Why Are Strawberries Hard To Grow

The biggest difficulty with growing strawberries is really getting the watering right. That is the main struggle we have found people have with it. For the ideal conditions, we really want you to try and have the soil slightly damp. That is the best treatment for the roots and they will also be able to expand a lot faster this way.

Make sure that you feel the surface of the soil before you decide to be adding any more water to it. That will just mitigate the risk of over watering the soil. When a plant gets overwatered then the roots will have a hard time taking up oxygen. That then turns into them rotting. This will first be noticeable above the ground as the leaves are turning black and wilting.

It won’t be long after this has happened that the entire plant might turn back into soil again. This shouldn’t deter you however from growing strawberries at home. Just make sure they are in a sunny spot and be careful with watering. Then basically half of the work is finished, the part that’s left is just harvesting the delicious berries you will have.

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Growing Strawberries For Beginners

If you are a beginner with growing strawberries then we actually recommend that you try and get a plant that is already one year old. If you plant this in the spring then you will probably be able to harvest some berries the same year.

The plant normally does not produce any berries the first year as the priority is instead on making sure it has a functioning and stable root system. Once you have planted it, however, try and choose a very sunny spot for it. But never let the soil dry out, instead, it should be slightly damp at all times to make sure the plant has a healthy spot to grow in.

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