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Welcome to this article that will be discussing how you can be growing strawberry plants in a pot. This particular berry bush will actually do rather well growing like this, at least compared to some of the other popular berries out there like raspberries and blueberries.

But it is also important that we choose the correct type of pot for growing it in. One shaped like an urn will actually be ideal. It will play very well with the way the roots of the plants are growing. Think of them shaped more like a sphere or a soccer ball. Ensuring that the pot is able to have it like this will make your strawberry plant a lot happier in the end.

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Can Strawberries Grow In Pots

Like we said at the beginning of the article here, the strawberry plant will actually do very well in a pot. Given that we have the right variety and shape of the pot for it of course. It should almost look like an urn. This will give the plant the opportunity to grow just like it would on freeland.

That is really one of the focuses we need to have when growing in pots. The plant will want to grow the same way on freeland as in a pot. Because of that, we need to adapt to the needs of the plant in order to have a fruitful and thriving one.

Growing strawberries in a pot will actually be a lot more rewarding than you might think. The berry plant will fare a lot better than varieties like raspberries or blueberries that grow in a widely different way.

The same basic needs of the plant will be the same growing it in a pot. It will still need enough sunlight during the day. In the case of the strawberry plant will be about 6 – 8 hours if you are keeping it outside. This will ensure the berries will ripen properly and also develop enough sugar.

Watering the plant however might be slightly more tricky. Since the pot will retain a lot more water unless you have a small hole in the bottom. Because of this, we might need to add slightly less to not risk having the fragile root system be damaged by too much water. Just keeping the soil slightly damp will keep us on the safe side of things.

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Do Strawberry Plants Do Well In Pots

Like we said in the previous paragraphs in the article here, the strawberry plant will actually fare rather well growing in a pot. Just making sure that it can grow the same as it would on freeland we don’t see any issues occurring.

Try and choose a pot that is shaped almost like an urn. That will help the root system grow the exact same way they would do on freeland, like a soccer ball or a sphere. Trying to emulate the plant’s natural way of growing will help us a lot in caring for it. It will be easier to keep it healthy rather than going bad.

But there might be one issue with this. Keeping the soil healthy. We already know how to water the plant so it’s healthy. Just make sure it never runs dry and is kept damp. Instead, we also need to fertilize the soil. That is best done with an organic one you can get in most gardening stores across the country. This will help boost the nutrients in the soil. We wouldn’t use it any more than about 3 – 4 times a year, however, to not risk overfeeding the soil.

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How Big Should Pots Be For Strawberries

The size of the pot will often depend on how long you want to keep the plant. They can happily live for about 10 years at the most. Therefore we need to make sure we have a pot that can be with the plant for this entire time.

We always choose one shaped like an urn to help the plant grow as it would naturally on freeland. The size of this will usually be about 10 inches in diameter and almost twice that in height. This will just help us a lot in letting the roots grow the way they want to.

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