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Welcome to this article that will be discussing how you can grow a strawberry plant indoors. For us, the best will always be to keep the strawberry growing on Freeland where the root system can really grow the way it wants to. Spread out like a soccer ball or a sphere and keep producing berries for up to a decade.

Growing it indoors will be a lot about trying to emulate having it on Freeland. The soil needs to be well draining and also rich in a lot of nutrients. But we also need to care about how much sunlight the plant is getting each day. If it’s not enough then it can’t produce any berries. 

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Harvested Strawberries Outdoors

How To Grow Strawberries Indoors

Like we said previously here, growing a strawberry plant indoors will be a lot about emulating the way it grows on Freeland. It needs a lot of room to expand its root system and be a stable and established berry bush.

We often recommend that you try and get a pot that is shaped like an urn. This will best shape the way the roots are growing normally outdoors like a soccer ball or a sphere. It should also be tall to ensure that the roots can dig deep enough and get all the water and nutrients they will need.

One of the biggest issues however will be getting the plant to be pollinated. When having it indoors there are not nearly the same amount of insects going to and from the plant. This will lower the chance the plant has of getting pollinated. That in turn makes it harder to get any fruits developing on it.

But just letting a window open or a door will hopefully bring along some small insects that will save your plant from not getting pollinated. Note that keeping the plant in a lot of suns will also be important when growing it indoors. The plant will still be needing about 8 – 10 hours of light every day to be able to continually grow and thrive.

It will also be easier for the berries to ripen properly this way. Lastly will be about making sure that the soil is well taken care of. It should not be drying out at all as it might cause a lot of stress for the plant.

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Red Strawberries In The Sunshine

Growing Strawberries In A Terrarium

Growing strawberries in a terrarium will actually be rather similar to growing them outdoors. They will still be needing the same amount of care and attention, but as we have discussed, the strawberry plant is a rather low-maintenance variety.

Make sure that the plant is either getting about 8 – 10 hours of light from the sun or from an indoor grow light. This will encourage the plant to keep growing and establish a good root system in the terrarium.

Nurturing the soil will also be important. We recommend that you try and water it about every other day if you feel like it’s drying out pretty quickly in general. But note that the soil should never be more than damp in texture. Any more and the roots might be starting to rot and causing the entire plant to wilt down.

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Ripe Strawberries In The Garden

How Do Strawberries Grow In An Apartment

Growing a strawberry plant in an apartment will be slightly challenging. We probably don’t have a lot of insects traveling to and from here. That will affect the chance the plant has of getting pollinated.

If they aren’t getting pollinated then there won’t be any berries developing on the plant. To counter this we recommend that you keep a window open or a door open. This will hopefully save your plant from being berryless.

Water the plant like you normally would, meaning that you should be letting it dry out ever. Keeping it slightly damp will be ideal. Make sure you keep it in a south-facing window as well to make sure there is enough sun getting to it each day.

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