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Welcome to this article that will be talking about when the best time of the year might be to start growing strawberries in the area you are living in. We have filled up this article with plenty of information and are trying to cover some of the more populated areas in the States.

The strawberry plant is generally speaking a very hardy plant that will require plenty of sunshine and also soil rich in nutrients. But never let it dry out, that will cause a lot of stress to the plant which is just unnecessary.

There are small adjustments we need to do depending on where you are located and the climate that you have there. This is done to make sure the plant has the best possible growth.

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Strawberry Plant In The Garden

When Should You Plant Strawberries

Generally speaking, the best time of the year to grow strawberries will be during the spring. This is when the temperature will start to increase at a steady pace. This won’t harm the plant and it will be able to keep up as well.

You can either buy a strawberry plant that already might be either 1 or 2 years old. Or you could grow it from a seed. Either option is fine and will more or less work the same.

Ensure that the area you are growing in has plenty of access to sunlight and that the soil is rich in nutrients. This can be done by fertilizing the soil lightly before you even plant the strawberries there.

When To Plant Strawberries In Florida

The best time to start planting and growing strawberries in Florida is actually pretty early in the year. The season down here is known for being very humid and hot. The plants will therefore experience a rather difficult climate early on.

So planting the first ones during either January or February is the best option. This will ensure there is a much smoother transition into the warmer months for the plants. 

We like to find a place where there will be a little bit of shade during the day at least. This will give some breathing room for the plants in order to grow without stress.

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Ripe Strawberries In The Sun

When To Plant Strawberries In Texas

As for growing in Texas, the best time to first plant might be in March. The climate here can be pretty random and different during the year. But more or less it comes down to very warm summers and winters that are a lot cooler.

But with that said, the strawberry plant will be able to manage fine nonetheless and produce plenty of berries even if you time it slightly off and plant when the temperatures are still pretty cold.

The only real reason for not getting a harvest would be that the flowers freeze and die. But in Texas, the chance of something like that happening is very very slim. The temperature during the year is just that high.

When To Plant Strawberries In Arizona

In Arizona, the climate can be very humid during the year. Because of this, the water in the soil might stay there longer than you would expect. Given that, we need to be a lot more aware of the moisture content where the plant is growing.

Too much water will cause the plant to start having its roots rot. This will quickly turn into the entire plant slowly dying as the leaves will turn black. So the best time to plant here might be in early summer when the temperature is higher and the excess hopefully can dry off quicker.

Fresh Strawberries In The Sun

When To Plant Strawberries In California

Growing strawberries in California might be the easiest of all the places. Here the temperatures are pretty high all year around and the risk of high humidity is not really there. The air is very dry all year around which benefits the strawberry plants in the end.

The risk for mold is a lot lower and the intensity of flavor in the berries will be a lot higher too. But we still need to watch out when we plant them. Like we said before, the plant shouldn’t be grown first thing during the middle of summer when the temperature is almost unbearable

Instead, try and do it in the early spring when the climate is milder and more forgiving to the strawberry plant. This will ensure the plant starts to establish itself instead of stressing about nutrition.

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When To Plant Strawberries In Georgia

In Georgia, the temperature can be very high during the summer, and the moisture in the air is pretty low. This also makes Georgia a great place to grow strawberries. The plant has the ideal climate to produce really fragrant and aromatic berries.

Ensure that the soil is never left to dry out, however. As that will cause the plant to focus on its survival instead of producing amazing harvests.

When To Plant Strawberries In Seattle

In Seattle, the temperature can actually reach pretty low. So in order to not run the risk of the plants being hurt by the frost, we will try and plant them in late spring. This will make for the best outcome.

Here we can actually try and look for a much sunnier area. It will only benefit the plant as the soil can retain a lot of moisture so the plant can survive and flourish in higher temperatures as well.

Strawberry Plant In The Garden