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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you can start to pollinate strawberries that are growing indoors. This might be a little bit tricky as not nearly the same amount of insects are going to come in contact with your plants.

Because of this, we need to keep a door or window open so that the insects can reach the flowers. Otherwise, the plant will not get pollinated and then no berries will be able to be produced. As is the case with most berry plants, the best place to keep them whilst growing is outdoors where the insect kingdom is.

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How Do You Pollinate Strawberries Indoors

As we said at the beginning of the article here, all strawberry plants need to be pollinated in order to start producing berries. This is very important whilst the plant is flowering as that is the only time it can be pollinated.

if the flowers are pollinated then you will not be able to enjoy any berries growing there. But there are some things that you can do about this to invite insects to start pollinating a plant. The simplest way is to just keep a window or door open if you don’t have a balcony to keep them on otherwise.

This might seem counterproductive as most will not want a lot of bugs and insects in their house. But that is the prize you need to pay, unfortunately. Nonetheless, the insects will usually not stay there for too long.

Make sure that if the plant has gotten pollinated you keep it in a very sunny place. That will make sure that the berries can start to ripen quickly and will be deep red at the end of the season when the harvest is the best. We recommend picking the berries when the temperature is pretty high, we promise you that it will just taste so much better this way.

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Do Indoor Strawberries Need To Be Pollinated

Strawberries do need to be pollinated to be able to produce any berries that year. If not the plant will just flower and then nothing will be growing out from them. That is a pretty sad look for your plant so make sure you set them up for the best possible chance of getting pollinated.

If you are growing the plants outdoors then this shouldn’t really be a concern as you most likely have a great insect kingdom there already that will do the pollinating. As they travel around the garden they will carry pollen that then interacts with other plants and before you know it you will have berries growing on your plant.

But if you are keeping your strawberry plant indoors then this fight becomes a little bit more difficult because there aren’t as many insects traveling through. To fix this you could open a window or a door to invite more insects to come to seek up your strawberry plant.

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Will Strawberries Produce Year Round Indoors

Where the strawberries are growing indoors the plant will actually be able to produce berries all year round. The seasons are sort of thrown out the window and you will be left with a very hectic producing strawberry plant instead. 

We do however recommend that you instead try and grow things like strawberries outdoors as the flavor they get from being in the sun all day really is no where close to anything growing indoors.

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