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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how much light a strawberry plant growing indoors will actually be needing. Well, for most plants that number will be somewhere between 8 – 10 hours each day.

That might seem high but the reason is that the concentration that the plants are able to get is lower than if they would be outside. Because of this, we need to make sure we satisfy the plant’s needs are we otherwise might not be able to have berries growing on them.

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How Many Hours Of Light Do Strawberries Need Indoors

The strawberry plant will be requiring about 8 – 10 hours of light each day if you are growing kit indoors. The reason is that the sunlight is not as strong as it reaches the plant through a window. If grown outside, I would be able to survive with probably somewhere around 6 – 8 hours instead.

But the positive side of growing strawberries indoors will be that they can produce harvests throughout the whole year. We find this to be a great benefit as people who are living in apartments might not have access to the same amount of space to grow on. Knowing that you can have strawberries whenever you want will encourage a lot of people to take this up.

But growing strawberries are not only about making sure they are getting enough sunlight each day. We also need to make sure the soil is kept very healthy. That means proper watering of it. We find that soil that is semi-damp will be the ideal condition for this. 

Watering in small amounts at a time will make it a lot easier for this to be achieved. But fertilizing the soil a little bit before the start of the season might also be a good idea. We will always recommend that you use organic fertilizer for this. Otherwise, you can rule out eating any of the berries being produced.

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Can You Grow Strawberries Indoors With A Grow Light

You can absolutely grow strawberries indoors with a grow light. It will make sure that they always have access to a light source and keeps them from slowing down their growth. The number we mentioned before of about 8 – 10 hours of light each day will be easily achieved when you have a grow light for them.

But having a light on the plants is only really half the job. We need to make sure the soil is also well watered and kept healthy. We recommend that you try and have the soil somewhat damp at all times. That will make the strawberries thrive and always produce fruits.

Pollinating the plants is a pretty tricky task growing them indoors. There are not nearly the same amount of insects and bugs traveling to and from the flowers on it. Without that, they can’t get pollinated and then no berries will be produced.

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How Do You Keep Strawberries Alive Indoors

Keeping a strawberry plant alive when having them indoors will often just come down to making sure the plant has plenty of sunlight during the day. But also soil that is kept very well watered during the season. It should never really run dry as that will instead cause the plant to struggle too much.

Pruning and cutting the plant should not be necessary unless you see some tired leaves growing on it. These will not recover and are best removed to give room for other leaves.

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