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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether it’s possible or not to actually grow strawberries indoors or if it’s better to just keep them outside. Well, for starters it’s entirely possible to grow these wonderful berries indoors all year round. They will perhaps not develop the same flavor profile as those outside.

But the same things for caring for a strawberry plant outside will be the same for one growing inside. They will be requiring a set amount of sunlight each day but also soil that is kept well nurtured and taken care of.

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Strawberry Plant In The Garden

Can You Grow Strawberries Inside Your House

Like we said at the beginning here in the article it’s entirely possible to be growing strawberry plants indoors. The fun thing about it is that they will actually be producing berries throughout the whole year. Just make sure you meet the basic requirement to grow the plant.

Caring for one growing indoors as opposed to the outdoors will be pretty similar. That means the plant will need to get sunlight for at least 8 – 10 hours each day. This is probably the biggest difference as those growing outside will require slightly less than that. But only because the concentration of the light is a lot higher for them.

As for caring about the soil we will still want it to be kept somewhat damp to ensure the roots always have a source of water and never have to grow dry. We have found that keeping the soil damp at all times will make for the best environment.

Watering in small amounts is the best method to use as we won’t risk having them being overwatered and the roots starting to rot. But fertilizing the soil a little bit can be a great trick to make use of. We only do this about 3 – 4 times a year but have seen a clear difference in the health of the plant, for the better of course.

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Strawberry Light Requirements Indoors

The strawberry plants that are growing indoors will require almost the same amount of light as those growing outside. About 8 – 10 hours each day will keep them happy and still growing throughout the whole year.

As we said in the paragraphs above here, the strawberry plant will feel very good if it’s kept in a sunny spot where the soil is also very healthy and well-nurtured. If we were to compare growing the plant outside we would see that less sun is actually required. About 6 – 8 hours only. That is because the plant will get a greater concentration from the sun this way. 

Making sure the plant gets enough sunlight is only really half the job. Having soil that is well drained and kept from drying out will make for a perfect environment in which the strawberry can grow. 

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Fresh Strawberries

Can You Grow Strawberries From A Strawberry

You can absolutely grow a strawberry plant from a strawberry. We recommend that you try and thinly slice the strawberry and lay some pieces out in different containers. Lightly watering the soil above the slice will inaugurate the seeds to start germinating.

But note that it will probably be rather long before you will see any clear signs of the seeds growing. Patience is key here, but those who wait will eventually have a new strawberry plant growing in their home.

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