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Welcome to this article that will be talking about some things that you could be doing when the season has ended for the strawberry plants and they are getting ready for winter.

At this point in time we need to trim the plant slightly to sort of give it a haircut before the colder temperatures start to take over. but you should only be doing this in the autumn when all the berries have been taken from the plants. That way we can make sure we aren’t losing any potential harvests from them.

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What Do You Do With Strawberry Plants In Autumn

Like we said at the beginning of the article here, the strawberry plants will do a lot better for the next year if we give them a slight haircut at the end of the season. That means we are making room for new growth to come out and getting rid of the old ones.

To best distinguish between the old and the new, just look at the health of the leaves. They will all start to go bad at the very end of the year when the snow is coming. But those that look sad when there are still berries on the plant or right after all have been picked are the ones we try to cut off.

t won’t harm the plant if you cut almost all of these off. Another thing we feel like we should mention is that if you are keeping your strawberry plants in a pot during the season then you should move it indoors. This will hopefully give you a small head start for the next year as the plant will be back in full form a lot sooner than those growing on freeland.

Important things to keep in mind when growing strawberries are that you should try and maximize the amount of sunlight they are getting each day. That will help the berries ripen a lot quicker and also keep the plant happier. 

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Should I Cut My Strawberry Plants Back In Winter

When winter has already arrived then there is unfortunately often too late to cut back any strawberry plants. We should instead try and do this pretty soon after the last berries have been harvested. That will leave plenty of room for the plant to continue to grow and thrive where it is.

If you do it in the winter then these leaves will no longer bring any function for the plant and it might instead just start to get weaker and weaker. Because of that the plant might not survive and you are left with having to plant new ones for the year.

You might ask what leaves should be cut off then. Well, we always recommend only cutting off the dead ones as they will not be coming back the next year. They are also just taking space and could instead give room to new growths.

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How Do You Prepare Strawberry Plants For Winter

Preparing the strawberry plants for the winter is often done by just cutting them back slightly. That means removing any leaves that look dead and wrinkled or shriveled up. That will then make it easier for the plant to produce completely new ones the next year.

If you are growing the plants outdoors in a pot then you could move this one in. This will make it easier the next year to have them grow quicker.

Strawberry Plant Growing In The Garden