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Welcome to this article that will be talking about when the best time of the year or the best month is to start planting strawberry plants. This berry variety will want to indulge in a lot of sun during the summer and for the best harvest, we want the weather to be warm before planting.

Therefore in most places, the best time to plant strawberry plants will be in the spring when it’s clear from any frost. Since the strawberry plant will flower quite early we don’t want to risk having any of the flowers be damaged by the frost.

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What Month Is Best To Plant Strawberries

As we said at the beginning of the article here, the best time of the year to plant strawberries will be when the soil is no longer at risk of freezing. Since we are replanting something in a completely new environment we really need to set it up for success.

The soil can be too cold and that will impact the root system. Because of this, we find that the best month to plant strawberries will be in either April or May. The weather will be warm enough to really get the growth of the plant going.

Because we are growing the plant in a warm temperature for a pretty long time we will not be risking the plant dying during the winter when the climate is drastically different. Even though we live quite north of me and my family I, we can still grow strawberries and have them survive for the next year.

Caring for the plant after you have repotted it will mean watering the soil about every other day or so. By that time the soil will have started to dry out a little bit and will do well with more water. We strive for it to be somewhat damp at all times.

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How Late Can You Plant Strawberries

Depending on the temperature and the climate that you are living in then you might even be able to plant strawberries as late as December. But then the soil should not be anywhere near freezing.

Like we have laid out in the article here before, the root system is very susceptible when you report it. Therefore we want to set it up for success so you can have some berries growing there next year.

But if you are living in a cooler climate then you could be planting strawberry plants in late summer. Doing this will mean it can start establishing the root system during the entire fall and be ready for when the temperature drops in winter. But you should be aware that you will most likely not be able to harvest any berries on them in the same year.

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What Is The Best Place To Plant Strawberries

The best place to plant a strawberry bush will be where the sun can reach it for at least 6 – 8 hours during the day. That means the berries will ripen at a good speed and they will also be able to develop enough sugar. 

The soil should be very well drained as well. If the soil is keeping too much water then you will start to see the leaves of the plant start to turn black. It’s caused because the root system is drowning when there is not enough oxygen able to get in there.

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