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Welcome to this article that will be talking about when the season in Australia is for strawberries. As you might be aware already you can usually flip the months on its head when it comes to Australia. The vast majority of the time there will actually be strawberries growing all throughout the whole year.

But there are of course times when there is more growing or some places that are able to grow it. In more temperate regions the season will be somewhere between October and May. But in other places that switch to being from May until October.

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Red Strawberries In The Sun

What Season Do Strawberries Grow In Australia

Like we said at the beginning of the article here, the season for strawberries in Australia will really be throughout the whole year. The country has a pretty fascinating type of climate to grow things in. This makes it an all-year-round ingredient to have at hand.

But there will be differences depending on where in the country you are. In some more temperate regions like the south, the season will be between October to May. Australia is basically on the other side of the world compared to us here in the US. That means the times they will be growing things basically flip completely over compared to us.

Nonetheless, the strawberry plant will still be requiring a lot of the same things that it needs here to live. A spot where the sun can shine on it a lot during the day. Getting the plants somewhere between 6 – 8 hours outdoors will be plenty enough. This will make sure that the plant has enough time to really develop the sugars in the berries and also ripen properly to that deep red we are all so used to.

But the soil also needs to be taken care of. That means well-draining soil that doesn’t store water for too long. That could otherwise really harm the roots as they try to expand but they are hindered by there being barely any oxygen in the soil.

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Ripe Strawberries Outdoors

Do Strawberries Grow In Winter In Australia

In Australia, the season might look very different as to what we are used to here in the US. In Australia, they will be able to harvest plenty of strawberries in the middle of December. All because of the way the earth turns and makes the temperature higher in “colder” months in Australia.

But nonetheless, there are strawberries available throughout the whole year here. They will just be growing and coming from different places. The more temperate places down south in Australia will have their season between October to May. But more northern-lying places will have theirs between May to October.

The country is a very good suit for growing berries and especially strawberries. The plants can fully enjoy a lot of sunlight each day. But the problems might occur when they need water. As some places are known to have issues with drought. Given that, a lot of attention has to be placed on growing strawberries here.

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What Month Do Strawberries Grow In

Strawberries will in most parts be growing in the summer months. This is also when it will be producing berries that can be harvested and used. Where we live, in northern parts of New York, the season is usually between July and August.

But this will of course depend a lot on where you are located and the climate there. For the berry to be harvestable the skin should be deep red. A pro tip is to pick it on a very hot day, they will just taste so much better than.

Strawberry Plant Growing In The Garden