Overwatered Mint Plant

Watered Mint Growing Inside

Overwatered Mint Plant

Welcome to this post about overwatered mint plants. Unfortunately it might not be the easiest task in the beginning to get the watering just right with mint. It doesn’t like dry soil or too wet soil. The perfect state is the middleground of these two.

In this article we will be talking about what the best practices are for watering mint plants. But if you go too far we will also talk a bit about how you can save a mint plant that has been overwatered.

Sunny Mint Garden

Overwatered Mint Plant

Overwatering a mint plant can be devastating to the plant. The thing that happens is that the roots will be drowning in the water and you will quickly start to see that the plant will start to wilt and eventually it will die off. 

With mint we want it to be kept in the perfect state where the soil is just wet and damp. Instead of being too dry and crumbly or even soggy if you go on the other spectrum.

What we find works best for us is watering the soil in very small amounts as this will hinder it from going too fast and you can get it just perfect. What we do to check the state of the soil is to stick either a stick or your finger in the soil. It should be damp like we said. This is what mint likes to grow the most in.

We also want to mention the importance of where you keep the mint plant in the garden. If the spot is very sunny then you might have to water more as the soil will dry out quicker. If you are keeping it in a spot where it gets more shade during the day then holding off on watering can be a good idea. As the sun is not shining all the time on it the water in the soil will stay there longer.

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Mint Growing In The Shade

How Much Water Does A Mint Plant Need Per Day

The answer to how much water a mint plant will need per day will depend a lot on where it’s placed in the garden. Like we said in the paragraph just above this, a sunny spot in the garden will require more watering during the day. While on the other side a place with more shade will require less watering.

But generally speaking a mint plant will require watering at least once per day during the summer season. As the plant is growing rapidly at this point it therefore takes up a lot of water as well to continue this growth. 

As for the amount of water you will need it can’t really be determined. Since if the soil has dried up then it will be necessary with more water. So we therefore recommend that you water a small amount at a time and let that sink into the soil. After that you can feel the surface of the soil. It should be slightly damp for the best condition.

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Mint Plant Growing In The Sun

How Do You Save An Overwatered Mint Plant

Saving an overwatered mint plant is a pretty difficult task, but not as hard as some other herbs like thyme or rosemary. This is because mint generally likes a soil that is kept damp or wet. So going over this a little bit won’t be devastating.

With that said, the state of the soil should not be soggy as that will quickly draw the roots. If you are growing the plant on freeland, moving it can be a hard task and probably is not worth it. But if you are keeping it in a pot then move it to the sunniest spot in the garden. This will make the soil dry up faster and then also fix the issue of an overwatered mint plant.

Mint Plant Growing Outside

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