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Welcome to this article that will talk about why you might have a tall stem growing from your succulent plant. The most common reason for this happening is a lack of sunlight for the plant.

Instead of continuing to grow the way it normally has it will instead expand and grow taller in the hopes of reaching a spot where it can get adequate amounts of sunlight.

In this article, we will discuss this topic further and hopefully provide some useful tips and tricks for you as well.

Red Succulent Plant Indoors

Why Is My Succulent Growing A Long Stem

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the most common reason for a succulent plant to start growing a very tall stem is a lack of sunlight during the day. As most succulent plants are grown indoors they will require more light than those growing outdoors.

Indoors we recommend they get between 8 – 10 hours at least. This will be enough to hinder the plant from growing a tall stem that is not very appealing or nice looking.

The best spot in the house to grow it is often in the sunniest window. If it gets more than the 10-hour limit then it’s absolutely no worries as that will most likely just benefit the plant in the end. 

If the plant is not getting the sun it needs it will develop that tall stem with segments of leaves coming out from it. They are usually pretty far apart and eventually, the tall stem might even flower if it’s kept long enough like that.

When this happens the plant has most likely gone too far for a quick fix. Instead, you might want to consider cutting the stem of the plant off and hopefully have it regrow and cover it up. 

As succulents are meant to grow wide and not tall, any other way is not really what we want from it, and should therefore get corrected.

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Succulent Plant Growing Outside

What Do You Do With Long Succulent Stems

We mentioned in the segment just above here that the best thing to do when a succulent plant is growing a tall stem might be to just cut it off. 

This will hopefully fix the plant and make it grow wider and not taller. After some time the cut and exposed surface will be calloused and new leaves will cover it up.

The reason for a succulent plant growing the way it does is that it’s not getting enough sun. It’s not a very needy plant generally but when it comes to this then it will be necessary.

So make sure you have the plan to get the plant enough sunlight after you cut the stem off. Otherwise, you might just face the same problem again if the plant hasn’t died beforehand.

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Succulent Plant With Stem

Why Is My Succulent Growing Tall Instead Of Wide

A succulent plant growing tall instead of wide is not growing the way it should be. If we were to make an educated guess then the plant is not getting enough sun during the day.

It might be difficult during the winter for it to get between 8 – 10 hours of light but thankfully it’s this time of the year when the plant grows the least. Instead, this often happens during the summer when the sun is out plenty but the plant is still not getting enough of it.

To fix this, place the plant in a spot where the sun is shining basically all day long. This will hopefully fix the issue without causing any harm to the plant.

Succulent Plant Growing Indoors