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Welcome to this post that will talk about why succulent plants might start to shrivel up and not look as good as they once did. 

The most common reason that we have found for this happening is either a lack of water or an excess of water. There is definitely a balance that is needed to be achieved when caring for the succulent plant. 

In this article, we will dive deeper into the topic of a succulent plant shriveling up and what you can do about it.

Succulent Plant Growing Outdoors

Why Is My Succulent Shriveling

Just like we said at the beginning of this article, the most probable reason for a succulent plant starting to shrivel up is a lack of water or too much water. The balance here is not really razor-thin, but if you divert too much to one side then you will see negative impacts on the plant.

The texture and the condition of the soil are incredibly important when growing a succulent plant. It can’t contain too much water as that will just harm the roots of the plant and cause them to start rotting.

If the roots start to rot then that will be displayed by the entire plant starting to shrivel up, which will be very visible and noticeable. At this point there is not a whole lot that you can do unfortunately as getting the water out from the soil is difficult.

The only thing that you can do is place it outdoors in the sun to hopefully dry up the soil quicker. But if it’s the middle of the winter then that will be very difficult.

If you are watering too little then the same thing will happen to the succulent plant. But this is easier to fix as you will just need to add more water. But we recommend doing that in small amounts.

As the soil gets dry it will start to crack, then it’s difficult to know exactly how much it will need to get back to normal. Watering small amounts until the soil texture is damp is the way to go, we believe.

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Succulent Plant Growing Indoors

Why Is My Succulent Wrinkled

Just like a succulent plant can start to look shriveled up it can also get wrinkly. This is actually in most cases caused by too much sun on the plant we find.

The excess of sun and perhaps too dry soil for it to grow in will cause this to happen rather quickly. The plant might also get sunburn if the plant is kept like this for too long.

The best thing to do then just places the plant in a spot where it can get more shade during the day. This will ease the plant and hopefully, it can recover the leaves that have started to wrinkle.

Make sure that the soil is kept well watered and that there is a small hole in the bottom of the pot you are growing in. This will make sure that any excess water is not kept in the soil and instead is flushed away.

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Shriveled Succulent Plant

Why Did My Succulent Shrivel Up And Die

The reason your succulent shrivels up and die is probably caused by too much water in the soil. The excess water that the roots are not taking up will not go away unless you have a hole in the bottom of the pot.

This large amount of water will make for a very bad environment for the roots to grow in. Eventually, they will just give up and then the plant won’t get any energy and will quickly start to wilt and die.

To fix this, make sure that you water the soil in small amounts at a time to not cause unnecessary stress to the root system.

Succulent Plant Growing Indoors