Do Mint Plants Attract Flies

Mint Plant Growing In The Garden

Do Mint Plants Attract Flies

Welcome to this post that will talk about whether or not flies will be attracted by mint plants. The short answer is that they will be. Herbs such as mint will attract both flies but also other predatory insects like wasps.

In this article we will dive a bit deeper into the topic of mint plants and flies. We will talk a bit about the best placement for mint in your garden so that you won’t be bothered if there are a lot of flies there. But you shouldn’t fear that only mint will attract insects. Plants like sunflowers or any in the aster family will also do the same.

Mint Plant Growing In The Garden

Do Mint Plants Attract Flies

Just like we said in the beginning of this article here, flies will be attracted to mint plants if you choose to have them planted at home. But the same goes for a lot of other plants as well, all included in the aster family. Sunflower is one that also sticks out a little bit.

The type of fly that often gets attracted to the mint plant is called hoverfly. But unfortunately mint plants can also attract other insects, Even some predatory ones like wasps. But you shouldn’t fear that you will have a garden full of flies just because you have some mint plants growing there. The fact of the matter is that it will depend a lot on where you might be located in the country.

What can you do then to further prevent more flies from coming into your garden? Well, we find that having a healthy plant will keep the population in check actually. A dying plant will start to smell weird and if left too long will start to decompose. That will create an even more favorable environment for the flies. 

We mentioned the importance of placement with mint in the garden too. We recommend putting it further away in the garden, away from where you might enter. This will just keep whichever flies might be near the plant away from you. Note that you should plant mint in a pot too, since they spread very easily we want to minimize the risk of them taking over the garden.

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Mint Plant Flowering Outdoors

Will Mint Keep Flies Away

Unfortunately like we have established in this article, mint will not keep any flies away from your garden. instead they will actually attract them and bring more. So it’s a give and take with growing mint. On one side it smells very nice and looks beautiful. On the other side of that spectrum you will bring more flies to the garden.

But we find that having a really thriving and happy mint plant will at least keep the fly population in check. A wilting and decomposing mint plant will probably bring even more flies to the garden.

So if you are afraid of having a lot of flies in your garden then you probably should keep away from growing any mint plants there.

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Mint Plants In The Sunny Garden

How Do I Get Rid Of Flies On My Mint Plant

To get rid of flies from a mint plant you most certainly need insect spray. This is because the plant will just keep on attracting them to the garden so you need to take on drastic measures then.

Using anything labeled as insect killer spray or something similar will have a great effect. They are generally used for smaller insects, such as flies. They will have a quick effect but be aware that you shouldn’t overuse it as that might start to have an effect on the mint plant. Both in it being edible and the growth of it too.

Mint Plant Growing In The Garden

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