My Mint Plant Is Turning Yellow

Mint Leaves in The Garden

My Mint Plant Is Turning Yellow

If your mint plant is starting to turn yellow then it’s a dying plant. At this moment it’s important to act quickly so that you can save the plant and bring it back to its previous thriving state. There are a few different reasons as to why this is happening to your plant and thankfully there are a few things you can do to save it too.

Mint Plants Growing Outside

My Mint Plant Is Turning Yellow

The most common reason for this happening is that the plant is growing in too dry soil. What we often see is that if the soil is kept too dry and the surface is almost cracking then it’s a sign it needs water. It can quickly affect the mint plant as it is relatively susceptible to this happening. Therefore if you see this happening you need to quickly water the soil to prevent further harm to the plant.

Water the soil in small amounts at a time to not stress it and also be able to get the texture and condition of the soil just right. This is a vital part of gardening as if it were to be overwatered the leaves wouldn’t be yellow but the roots of the plant would instead start to rot. The health of the plant can change from day to day when this happens.

Another factor that can affect the plant and make the leaves turn yellow is not getting enough sun. We would guess that this is the second most probable reason for a yellow mint plant.

A mint plant will thrive if it’s getting about 6 – 8 hours of sun if it’s growing outdoors. If you keep it indoors then it will need slightly more, about 10 hours. This is an important part of gardening and without enough sunlight the plant will be very leggy as well and the shade of the plant will be more yellow.

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Mint Leaves In The Garden

Mint Leaves Turning Yellow On Bottom

If mint plant leaves are starting to turn yellow at the bottom then it’s often a sign that the plant is not getting enough sunlight, just like we explained above here.

But it can also be the result of the plant being too old and starting to die down for the season. This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t alarm you at all. Instead it can be a moment to reflect on the season and decide if you want to grow mint the next year as well.

What you can do when this happens is pretty simple. The best thing is to just pick the leaves off. They don’t offer anything really for the plant as they aren’t collecting any sunlight and converting it to energy. Instead it’s more of wasted space on the plant in a way.

Mint Plant Growing Outside

Can Yellow Plant Leaves Turn Green Again

Making a leaf turn green again is a very hard task, which is why we recommend above here that the best thing is to just pick the leaves off instead. What happens when the leaves are turning yellow is that they are losing their chlorophyll. That is what’s making it look green. This is often an effect of them not getting enough nutrients or just sunlight.

As the chlorophyll is leaving the leaf it won’t be able to convert any sunlight to energy. So the plant will start to absorb whatever nutrients might be left in there. All in a way to make the most of itself. So making a yellow leaf turn back to a green color will be basically impossible unfortunately. But turning a dying plant around and making it through again is very possible, like we outlined previously in the article above.

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Mint Plant Flowering Outside

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