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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you can tell the age of a cactus plant. There is unfortunately no easy way of determining the age of a cactus plant.

We need to look at a few different things that will determine it. We can’t look at annual rings that would otherwise be very easy to see the age. Instead, we watch the size of the plant and especially how tall it is.

We often measure the whole plant in inches and then divide that by 10. Then we will have the age of our plant within a pretty reasonable range.

Cactus Plant Growing Indoors

How To Tell Age Of Cactus

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it’s pretty impossible to perfectly say the age of a cactus plant. But there are some techniques that will help us limit the range.

The cactus plant does not have any annual rings like most trees will develop over the years. This would otherwise be a very easy way to almost perfectly spot the age of a cactus.

Instead, we have found that looking at the size of the plant will be what nails down the age of a cactus plant. We measure the height of the planet in inches and afterward, we will divide that number by 10. This will be the age of the plant. It’s not a perfect system but it does make a pretty good estimate actually.

Most people will want to have a cactus plant that lives for a long time. But to have a cactus that both thrives and continues to grow each year we need to treat it right.

This includes making sure the soil is relatively watered at all times. Even though the cactus plant can manage a lot of times without barely any water. We find that you can basically forget about them for over a month and the plant will still be fine.

Another factor that helps maintain a healthy cactus plant is a lot of sun during the day. This might actually be the most important if we are completely honest. We will most likely keep the plant indoors and then we aim for it to get between 8 – 10 hours of sunlight every day. 

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Cactus Plant Indoors In A Pot

How Old Is A 20 Foot Cactus

We have already talked about the model to determine the age of a cactus plant here before. It really comes down to looking at the height of the plant and then dividing that by 10. We masseur it in inches of course for this.

But for a cactus plant that is 20 feet tall, it will be about 83 years old. This is pretty rare to find and most cactus plants won’t live this long but if they are left to their own devices in a place they can thrive then they are able to.

Some of these places where cacti do very well are in our dry areas where the sun can lighten up throughout the whole day. A cactus plant will want about 10 hours of light every day to continue having this growth and eventually grow to the 20-foot mark.

The spot does not need to be very rich in water as the plant is very efficient with using what’s in the ground, that goes for nutrition too. It can store water to be able to survive for long times.

An older cactus plant will also have deeper root systems that will drain water from deeper underground. This way it can survive through hard times.

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Cactus Plant Growing Indoors

How Big Is A Cactus When It Is 10 Years Old

It’s hard to say exactly how tall a cactus plant will be at the 10-year mark because it will often depend on the variety of cactus.

Some varieties might only be 1,5 inches tall at this point. These are most likely very slow-growing plant that is meant as decoration indoors. But the saguaro cactus plant can grow about 3 – 4 feet tall at the 10-year mark.

Cactus Plant Growing Indoors