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Welcome to this post about how long eucalyptus will last. Eucalyptus is as you might know a very fast-growing tree that will stand the test of time. As for growing a tree at home it can grow for many many decades and thrive. But if you want to know how long the cuttings will last you, about 3 weeks is the mark before they start going downhill.

We will include some tips for making sure the cuttings and stems can last longer in a vase for decoration. Eucalyptus is one of the most fragrant trees you can have grown at home so getting the most out of it is very important.

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Flowering Eucalyptus Tree Outside

How Long Does Eucalyptus Last

Eucalyptus can last for a lifetime if we are talking about the tree that is. The cuttings and stems won’t last as long unless you decide you want to propagate them. Then they might last for a very long time, but that’s a whole different topic.

What we are going to talk about is the cuttings and stems that you might take and keep for decoration and whatnot. These are beautiful ornaments that really lift the feel of a room. The aromas you get from freshly cut eucalyptus trees are very hard to beat. These will keep for around 3 weeks in fresh water after being picked. It’s important that they get in the water as soon as possible to start wilting early. If you don’t do that they might not even last a week.

A good tip to have is that you take away a small part of the lower end of each cutting. Just trim away to expose the area again. This might seem counterproductive but it will make it easier for the cuttings to take on more nutrition from the water. Doing this can make it last a couple of weeks longer even. We recommend doing this about every 5 days or every week. It keeps it fresh and vibrant if you don’t want to take cuttings from the larger tree growing outdoors.

Some other factors that make sure that your eucalyptus tree will last longer are keeping it in a vase of course with water, but also changing the water often. This makes sure that the water isn’t drained of nutrition and is always kept fresh. For a healthy and thriving bouquet of eucalyptus cuttings, this should be done every other day. Lastly, we also want to bring to your attention the importance of keeping them in the sun. Since they are still alive then they will take in the sun. Not getting rid of it will lower its lifespan of it.

Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outside

How Do You Preserve Eucalyptus

What we have found to be the best way of preserving eucalyptus is simply drying the leaves and using them in teas. It’s a simple process of picking off any amount of leaves that you want. If you want it to go quickly then you can dry them in the oven at around 70 – 80 degrees. This low temperature will make sure that you keep all the flavor and aromas of it in the leaves.

The shelf life increases a lot thanks to this method. But if you want to go low and slow then you can just leave the cuttings with the leaves hanging upside down in a room. Leave something underneath to catch all the falling leaves.

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How Do You Make Eucalyptus Smell Last Longer

The best way of prolonging the smell that eucalyptus gives off is that you should try it at a very low temperature. This will not only increase the shelf life as we said above. but it also concentrates the aromas even more. This product of dried eucalyptus leaves will be ready for whatever you might want to use it for.

Let’s reiterate again what we have been talking about. Eucalyptus as a tree will last a lifetime if regularly pruned at the end of the season. Cuttings from the tree however will last up to 3 – 4 weeks at the most. Make sure you regularly change the water in the vase and keep it in the sun for the maximum lifetime of them.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside