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Welcome to this post about whether eucalyptus is a type of tree that is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. We might as well reveal the answer straight away since it’s so simple. Eucalyptus can easily grow in both environments but the way you take care of them might differ a bit.

One growing outside you might not prune a lot because you want it to grow tall and large. But growing indoors might require more pruning so you don’t need to raise the height of your roof inside. Nonetheless, going either way really is your choice and what fits best.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outdoors

Is Eucalyptus Easy To Grow Indoors And Outdoors

Just like we said at the beginning of this article, growing eucalyptus either indoors or outdoors is very easy. Thankfully this tree is pretty self-going. It does require some maintenance but not to the same degree as other things you could be growing at home.

The biggest difference is the height at which you can grow a eucalyptus. Normally this variety can grow 18 m tall or 60 feet. This can make for some trouble if you have it indoors. But then the simple solution is that you will need to prune it more. If you make sure to really prune it quite hard during the season then you can keep this growing indoors for many years. The reason we say that you need to really prune it is that in one season, grown from seed it can get 8 feet tall if it gets left on its own.

Outdoors you don’t have to have the same aggressive technique of pruning. Instead, you might even want to hold it off for several years for it to really get established and a part of your garden.

The similarities between growing both indoors and outdoors are the watering and the soil it likes. Of course, it will want to get watered enough, this means never letting the soil dry out completely. But after a while, you won’t have to worry so much about watering. This is because the tree has now grown its roots deep enough to self-supply itself with water. Placing the tree in the right spot is also very important. It likes a spot where it can get a lot of sun during the day. About 6 – 8 hours outdoors and 10 hours indoors. All in all, eucalyptus is a very fast-growing tree that can quickly show results.

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Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outside

How Fast Do Eucalyptus Grow Indoor

How fast can this tree eucalyptus really grow indoors? If you read the segment above this then you would know the answer actually. A staggering 8 feet or 2 meters tall is what it can reach, and that is in just one season. So you can clearly see how fast this can get out of hand.

What we then really recommend doing is pruning the tree quite vigorously to prevent bad growth and keep it leveled instead. You can probably keep the plant indoors for up to 5 years before it will need to be transplanted outside.

Keeping it in the best conditions is very important. You should always make sure the soil is well-watered but doesn’t pool the water. It should be draining away very quickly so as to not cause the roots of the tree to rot. This process can go very quickly once it goes on for a week or so. It’s not that eucalyptus is especially sensitive or something.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside

Can You Leave Eucalyptus Outside

You can absolutely leave eucalyptus growing outside. It’s a pretty relatively hardy tree that can manage rough temperatures and weather. It will honestly grow the absolutely best outdoors. Here it can really enjoy and indulge in the sun and grow taller year after year. If you read one of the fun facts we included before this is that it can grow almost 8 feet or 2 meters per year or season. This is just a staggering amount compared to a lot of other trees. It makes it one of the fastest-growing plants you can have at home.

Not that when you are growing it outside you won’t have to prune it so much. It will manage fine with just growing on its own and being watered when it needs it. But once it has established itself it will be able to drain water from the soil deep under the surface. Then the watering you do on the topsoil won’t have enough impact to really make it worth it.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outdoors