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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a succulent plant might be starting to turn purple. This can be caused by a number of different reasons. Some of these could be natural or just that the plant is getting stressed.

Stress can come from when the soil is getting too dried up or from being transplanted. Since the plant has a harder time now getting the necessary nutrients to survive it will be displayed by the leaves or the overall color of the plant changing color.

Follow along and we will be talking more about what you can be doing about this and help the plant recover and be healthy once again.

Succulent Plant Growing Purple

Why Is My Succulent Stem Turning Purple

Just like we said at the beginning of this article, the reason that succulent plants turn purple is due to stress or natural causes.

The first reason for stress is often because of being transplanted. The plant has just moved, from where it once was established. But now it will have a much harder time to once again get energy and nutrients.

After transplanting the best thing to do is really just leave the plant and let it settle in and start developing its root system once again.

Other facts for stress could be that the soil that the succulent is growing is not nutritious. A lack of water in there will also aid in making the plant stressed unnecessarily

Luckily these issues can be fixed rather easily. Simple water the soil a bit more, but do it in small amounts to not cause unnecessary amounts of stress to the plant. But you can also start and fertilize the soil to make sure there are enough beneficial nutrients in there to help the plant continue growing.

The last cause we have sort of touched on already. It’s about that the soil is not healthy enough. The lack of some vital nutrients will cause the plant to change color. Purple displays a lack of these.

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Succulent Plant Growing In The Sun

Why Are My Plants Turning Purple

We have already talked about why a succulent plant might start to turn purple. The same thing really applies to most plants. 

But generally speaking, it will more often be caused by a lack of nutrients in the soil. Succulents are a plant that will be very vulnerable when being transplanted and therefore will more easily turn purple in color.

The best way to fix a plant turning purple in color is to re-fertilize the soil again. This can be done with different means. Mix some organic fertilizers with some water and use that. These can for the most part be bought at basically all garden stores.

But if you can get your hands on some manure that will greatly boost the health of your soil. But note that this will carry quite a lot of smell with it. 

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Succulent Plant Growing Indoors

Succulent Leaves Turning Purple

The leaves of succulent leaves can turn purple for the exact same reason that the stem might turn purple. 

The plant has gotten too much stress and will struggle to get any new nutrients coming into its system. We left a few clues about what some good solutions could be to fix this area.

Fertilizing the soil again will make sure you have a thriving plant growing in it that will provide beauty for your house.

Succulent Plant Growing In The Sun