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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you can save a succulent that is turning brown. The most common reason is because of too much water in the soil but also that the leaves are dying because of too little water.

In this article, we will talk about some of the solutions to this issue and how you can properly identify the problem.

Follow along and together we will learn more about the succulent plant and discover some great gardening techniques.

Succulent Plants Growing Outside

Why Is My Succulent Stem Turning Brown

Just like we said at the beginning of this article the succulent plant can turn brown on the stem. The most likely two causes are either too much water in the soil or too little water in the soil.

There is a difference between the two problems and we will now dive deeper and understand them more. The first one is about there being too much water in the soil where the plant is growing.

The likelihood that the issue is too much water is actually pretty slim. The reason is that the plant will turn black when there is too much water. That’s because the roots will start to rot under the soil.

But that’s not to say you shouldn’t check the soil. We always aim for the surface to be just damp on the soil. We find that is the ideal condition for a succulent plant to be growing in.

The second reason we mentioned was that there is not enough water in the soil and it’s causing the plant to wilt and turn brown. The roots are struggling to maintain the plant when the soil is too dry.

Luckily it’s pretty easy to fix this issue. We just need to have a look at the soil and its conditions of it. If it’s cracking at the surface then we recommend water in small amounts until the texture is damp.

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How do You Save A Brown Stem On A Succulent

Saving a brown stem on a succulent plant is generally an easy issue to fix. In the segments above we outlined some of the reasons for the plant even beginning to look the way it does.

The soil is most likely not watered enough. The succulent plant is a very hardy variety that can manage months without any water but when it goes too far there will be some problems occur.

If the soil is starting to crack up on the surface then the plant will desperately need some water. The plant needs this to make sure that it can maintain itself and continue growing.

We recommend watering the soil in small amounts to make sure we don’t water too much. That could go the other way instead and create a bad environment for the roots to grow in.

Too much water makes the roots susceptible to start rooting. But that will be shown in the way of the plant turns black in color.

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Succulent Plant Growing Indoors

Succulent Stem Turning Brown At Stem

If the stem is turning brown on the succulent plant at the bottom then we need to have a look at the soil.

In dry soil, the plant will struggle to get the necessary amount of nutrition and that will be displayed by the plant turning brown in color. At this point, we need to water the soil in small amounts to ease the plant into the proper environment to grow in.

Succulent Plant Growing Outside