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Welcome to this post about how you can grow eucalyptus from seed. Luckily this fantastic tree is very fast growing and you will quickly see results if you keep it in the right conditions. In this article, we will discuss precisely that, what the best methods are to keep it growing at a rapid pace. It’s really amazing that it can grow 8 feet or 2 meters per season.

Some of the things that are included in this maintenance are making sure it gets its sun for the day and is watered properly. What we have come forth with is that the best way to propagate eucalyptus is by growing it from seed so we are excited to share this article with you.

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How To Grow Eucalyptus From Seed

Growing eucalyptus from seed is actually very easy. Eucalyptus is by many actually referred to as an invasive and very easily spread type of tree. It came from Australia originally but managed to establish itself in California to a quite large degree. But we digress. Eucalyptus is a tree that can quickly root and start germinating as soon as it hits the soil.

What we suggest you do to cultivate this plant is prepare a small container with healthy soil that has been watered through. Then you place one seed in each small container. This does a few things. The force is that it lets us choose exactly which one we want to transplant later on.

We can pick out the best ones and have the best chance of success growing it. Another thing it does is that it doesn’t have to compete with other neighboring seeds that are germinating. Eucalyptus can be a fierce competitor so limiting this is beneficial.

After about 2 weeks you might see the first signs of it above the soil. At this stage, it’ll be very fragile so you need to make sure it gets what it needs all the time. If the soil starts to dry out then it will need water. If it is not growing fast enough or is very leggy then you need to get it more sunlight during the day.

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Is Eucalyptus Easy To Grow From Seed

Eucalyptus is very easy to grow from seed, just like we laid it up to be in the segment before this. It can grow about 8 feet or 2 meters tall in the first year. Compared to some other trees or plants that are a staggering amount which is pretty impressive. But this does make us wonder what other techniques that might need to be deployed to have a successful time growing this.

The first thing you need to think about is how much you are cutting it down. If you let it run rampant in your garden then you will get those insane results and growths. But it might be too fast. If you want a tree that will stand the test of time then you might want to prune it every year. This will slow down and stabilize the growth. We recommend doing this at the end of the season to give room for completely new growth for the spring after the winter.

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How Do You Grow Eucalyptus Seeds Indoors

Growing eucalyptus from seed indoors is actually the best way of propagating this fantastic tree. It doesn’t really require a lot of maintenance. You just need to set it up with a small container filled with healthy soil that has been watered through. This means that the soil is completely damp or wet. The perfect condition for growing eucalyptus is actually.

After you have sown the seed you will want to make sure it stays in a sunny window where it can enjoy the sun a lot. You also want to make sure it grows at a decent temperature. The one we often recommend is between 60 – 70 degrees. Might be hard to achieve during certain times of the year. Then it can be better to just wait for the summer to arrive. Since it grows so fast you won’t really be losing out on a whole lot.

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