How to Preserve Dried Eucalyptus Leaves for Long-Lasting Beauty

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Dried flowers and foliage have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last few years, and eucalyptus leaves are no exception. With their refreshing scent and lovely blue-gray hue, dried eucalyptus leaves make for stunning décor pieces that can brighten up any space. Not only do they look beautiful, but eucalyptus leaves also come with a range of benefits, making them a perfect addition to your home. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of drying and preserving eucalyptus leaves, so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come.

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Why Dried Eucalyptus Leaves are Popular for Home Decor

Dried eucalyptus leaves offer several benefits that make them a popular home décor element. Here are some of the benefits of using dried eucalyptus leaves in your home:

1. Aesthetic appeal: Dried eucalyptus leaves are a great way to add a splash of color and texture to your living space.

2. Long-lasting: Dried eucalyptus leaves have a longer lifespan compared to fresh flowers or foliage which wilt and lose their color after a few days.

3. Easy maintenance: Eucalyptus leaves are low-maintenance and require no watering or special care.

4. Scented: Eucalyptus leaves possess a refreshing scent that is known for its ability to relieve stress and improve mood.

5. Versatile: Dried eucalyptus leaves can be used in various ways, from a simple vase arrangement to wreaths and garlands.

How to Choose the Best Eucalyptus Leaves for Drying

Before you can begin the process of drying eucalyptus leaves, you must first find a reliable source for fresh leaves. Visit your local florist or farmer’s market to find fresh eucalyptus leaves. You can also order them online from nurseries specializing in herbs and flowers.

How to Tell if Eucalyptus Leaves are Suitable for Drying

When choosing eucalyptus leaves for drying, it’s crucial to choose fresh leaves that are free from damage or imperfections. Look for leaves that are sturdy, flexible, and free of brown spots or blemishes. The leaves should also have a vibrant green color with no signs of wilting.

The Best Methods for Drying Eucalyptus Leaves at Home

Air drying is one of the easiest methods for drying eucalyptus leaves. Here’s how to do it:

1. Gather a bunch of fresh eucalyptus stems and remove any wilted or damaged leaves.

2. Tie the stems together using a rubber band or string, making sure to leave enough space between each stem to allow for air circulation.

3. Hang the bunch upside-down in a well-ventilated area such as a closet or laundry room.

4. Allow the leaves to air dry completely, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the humidity levels in your home.

5. Once the leaves are dry, remove them from the stems and discard any damaged or discolored leaves.


Another simple method for drying eucalyptus leaves involves using a microwave. Here’s how:

1. Lay a few eucalyptus leaves on a microwave-safe plate, making sure not to overlap them.

2. Place the plate in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds on high power.

3. If the leaves are not completely dry, continue microwaving them in 10-second intervals until the desired dryness is achieved.

4. Allow the leaves to cool for a few minutes before handling them.

5. Repeat the process with more leaves until you have the desired amount for your décor project.

Using Silica Gel

Silica gel is a drying agent that can be used to dry eucalyptus leaves quickly and efficiently. Here’s how:

1. Place a layer of silica gel in the bottom of a sealable container.

2. Arrange the eucalyptus leaves on top of the silica gel, making sure not to overlap them.

3. Cover the leaves completely with another layer of silica gel.

4. Seal the container tightly and let it sit for a few days until the silica gel has absorbed all the moisture from the leaves.

5. Once the leaves are completely dry, remove them from the silica gel and discard any damaged or discolored leaves.

How to Store Dried Eucalyptus Leaves to Keep Them Looking Beautiful

To keep your dried eucalyptus leaves looking fresh and vibrant for longer, it’s essential to store them properly. Here are some tips:

1. Store eucalyptus leaves in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

2. To prevent dust from settling on the leaves, store them in an airtight container or bag.

3. If you live in a humid climate, consider using a desiccant packet in the container to absorb any excess moisture.

4. When handling the leaves, be gentle to prevent them from breaking or shedding.

Creative Ways to Use Dried Eucalyptus Leaves in Home Decor

Dried eucalyptus leaves can be used in various ways to add personality and character to your home decor. Here are some creative ways to use them:

1. Vase arrangements: Place a few stems of dried eucalyptus in a vase to create a simple and elegant centerpiece.

2. Wreaths: Use dried eucalyptus leaves to make a wreath for your front door or above your mantle.

3. Garlands: String together a few eucalyptus leaves to make a beautiful garland for a wedding, party, or home decor.

4. Table runners: Add a rustic touch to your table setting by creating a table runner with dried eucalyptus leaves.

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Dried eucalyptus leaves are a fantastic addition to any home decor. With their aesthetic appeal, long-lasting nature, and numerous benefits, they are a must-have for any nature lover. By following the methods outlined in this blog, you can easily dry and preserve eucalyptus leaves, ensuring that they stay looking beautiful for years to come. So, go ahead and create your own stunning eucalyptus decor today!

How to Dry Eucalyptus: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Eucalyptus is one of the most popular herbs used in the home decor industry. It has an appealing fragrance that makes it stand out, and its health benefits make it highly desirable. Although fresh eucalyptus is lovely, it does not last long and requires frequent replacing. That’s why drying eucalyptus is the best alternative. In this guide, we’ll show you how to dry eucalyptus and how to use it in your home.

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Why drying eucalyptus is important.

There are several reasons why people want to dry eucalyptus. Firstly, dried eucalyptus retains its natural fragrance, making it an effective odor absorber. You can put the dried eucalyptus leaves in a small cloth bag and place them in your wardrobe, drawers, or any other area that needs freshening up. Secondly, dried eucalyptus is an excellent decor accessory. A vase or wreath of dried eucalyptus leaves can add a touch of elegance to any room.

Ways to use dried eucalyptus around the house

Dried eucalyptus leaves can be used in several ways around the house. Here are a few ideas:

– As decoration: Arrange dried eucalyptus leaves in a vase and use it as a centerpiece for your dining table or coffee table.

– In the shower: Tie a few branches of eucalyptus to the showerhead to release its fragrance and provide a spa-like experience.

– In the bedroom: Place a bunch of dried eucalyptus leaves under your pillow to promote relaxation and aid better sleep.

– Christmas wreaths: Dried eucalyptus leaves and branches can be used to make beautiful Christmas wreaths.

Step-by-step guide to drying eucalyptus

Drying eucalyptus is a simple process that anyone can do at home. Follow these steps to dry eucalyptus branches:

Choosing the right branches for drying

Choose eucalyptus branches that are healthy, free of damage, and have plenty of leaves. Avoid branches with brown or yellow leaves, as they may not dry well.

Prepping the branches for drying

– Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline in the vase or jar.

– Trim the bottom of each stem at a 45-degree angle to increase water absorption.

– Fill a vase or jar with cool water and place the branches inside.

Hanging and drying the eucalyptus

– Remove the branches from the water after about two weeks, or when the leaves feel papery.

– Remove any leaves that have turned brown or yellow during the drying process.

– Tie the branches in small bundles using a string or rubber bands, and hang them upside down in a cool, dry place like a closet or garage.

– Leave the branches to dry for three to six weeks, or until the leaves feel dry and crispy.

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Tips for preserving dried eucalyptus

Preserving dried eucalyptus is essential if you want to enjoy its fragrance and beauty for a long time. Here are some tips to help you preserve your dried eucalyptus:

Storing dried eucalyptus properly

Store your dried eucalyptus in an airtight container like a zip-lock bag or airtight jar. This will help to prevent moisture from getting in and spoiling the leaves. Store the container in a cool, dry place like a pantry or closet.

How to keep the color and fragrance of dried eucalyptus

To keep the color and fragrance of your dried eucalyptus, you can use essential oils. Place a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a tissue and place it with your dried eucalyptus. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the vase or jar when you display your dried eucalyptus.

Drying eucalyptus can be a fun and rewarding activity. Not only does it add a natural touch to your home decor, but it also provides an array of health benefits. Follow the steps we’ve outlined in this guide to dry your eucalyptus for a long-lasting fragrance and a beautiful addition to your home.

What Type Of Soil Do Eucalyptus Plants Like

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Welcome to this post about what type of soil the eucalyptus really likes. It can differ a little bit but almost always remains the same. The best soil we have found is one where the water can drain away quickly and won’t stay at the surface and not do any good. Instead, it should drain down to the roots and give nutrition.

Afterward we want it to drain down deeper and stay in a water storage that almost all places have deep underground. Having it stay with the roots will cause them to rot and then it will go quickly for the tree to die off.

If you want to learn more about growing eucalyptus and whether it’s a difficult task or job to undertake then we have the perfect article for you. It answers a lot of the common questions and you can find it right here, Is Eucalyptus Hard To Grow.

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What Type Of Soil Do Eucalyptus Plants Like

The best soil to be growing eucalyptus in is one that has good drainage, just like we said at the beginning of this article here. It should never be pooling water as that will severely harm the root systems. It makes it drown and rot eventually. The best way of knowing if this happens is to look at the soil after it has rained a lot. Is it all staying at the surface as a muddy mess? Then most likely there is bad drainage.

If you notice this you can choose to keep your eucalyptus tree growing still but be aware that one day it might start wilting and you will see more leaves falling off. Then it’s a good idea to get rid of the tree completely, but that’s a task and topic we can talk about another time.

As for the contents of the soil, it doesn’t really matter in the case of eucalyptus. It can manage almost any of them just fine. Given that the tree is native to Australia where the soil might be very sandy and carry barely any nutrition, your garden at home might just be like heaven for the tree to grow in.

Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outdoors

Best Soil For Eucalyptus

If you still want to maximize the potential for your eucalyptus tree then we recommend only getting special soil if you are growing it in a pot. This is because of the specialty that eucalyptus likes. It prefers soil with a lower pH level than most regular plants and trees like to grow in. So as to not harm the surrounding in your garden getting a separate pot to grow and cultivate the eucalyptus in might be a great idea.

Does Eucalyptus Like Sandy Soil

Given that we said the tree normally grows in Australia where the soil is also very nutrient deficient it should be fine. But if you are keeping it in sandy soil you will probably have to complement it with water every now and again. Otherwise, you will run the risk of not having it grow at the speed we want it to.

Let’s reiterate and talk a bit more about what we have been discussing. Eucalyptus is a tree that really likes well-draining soil that does pool water and causes the roots to rot. For the type of soil, it doesn’t have a huge impact. But for loamy soils like sand then you most likely will have to supplement with more water.

If you are considering planting a eucalyptus tree at home and wonder what impact it will have on your house then we wrote an article that answers these questions. You can find it right here, How Close To A House Can You Plant A Eucalyptus Tree.

Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outside

How Close To A House Can You Plant A Eucalyptus Tree

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Welcome to this post about how close you can grow a eucalyptus tree to a house. Since it’s a pretty fast-growing tree, coming in at around 8 feet per season it can be a real competitor in your garden. But it does generally grow taller and doesn’t spread its branches very far. So if you keep it about 4 feet away from the house you will be perfectly fine.

Having it regularly pruned at the end of the season will also help in making it grow the way you want it to. We always recommend doing this, as it gives room for new growth the next year to more easily come forth. The result is a bushier and prettier eucalyptus tree.

If you are concerned with eucalyptus being a difficult or hard tree to grow at home then we have written an article that talks about this specific topic. You can find it right here, Is Eucalyptus Hard To Grow.

Eucalyptus Stems Growing In The Sun

How Close To A House Can You Plant A Eucalyptus Tree

Just like we said in the beginning paragraph of this article, the best length to plant a eucalyptus from your house is 4 feet. This will create a sufficient amount of space for it to thrive and grow as it should. It can grow as a stand-alone tree and not bother your house with lengthy branches.

But you can grow it closer but then you need to be a lot more aware that you should be pruning the tree a lot more. This will keep it in check and make it grow the way that you want it to. We have a guideline that says you should never cut it down by more than 40 %. This is a sufficient amount to give room for new sprouts to come forth the next year. Although, you might think that this number sounds very high to cut down. The argument we have for this is that you won’t have to worry about killing the tree since it’s such a hardy species.

Given the speed that we said eucalyptus grows at then, you will see it returning to its former self before you know it. If you choose to grow a eucalyptus tree at home then you should also be aware of the environment it really likes. It should be a sunny spot in the garden and a place where the water doesn’t stay on the surface. Instead, we want it to drip down and get to the roots quickly. But on older trees this is not an issue, the roots are so deep that they can easily find water themselves.

Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outdoors

Do Eucalyptus Trees Damage Foundations

This might be the biggest concert that we see when looking to grow eucalyptus. The tree can in fact spread its roots about 100 feet wide and damage either pipelines or in some instances the foundations of a house.

But it hasn’t seemed to happen at such a vast amount to alarm you from not growing it. But with this number and length, it spread you should make the decision yourself if you want to grow it or not.

Let’s reiterate again a little bit of the question and topic we have been talking about here. If you want to grow eucalyptus at home in your garden then keeping about 4 feet away from the house should be sufficient. We say this even though it can spread its roots almost 100 feet wide. At that point, it’s a very very old tree however and the likelihood it will stay around that long is pretty slim.

If you want to read up on the best soil to be growing eucalyptus in then we have written a dedicated guide to just this topic. You can find the article right here, What Type Of Soil Do Eucalyptus Plants Like.

Pink Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outside

Is Eucalyptus Bad For Soil

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Welcome to this post about whether eucalyptus is bad for the soil that it is growing in. It’s very true that it does have an impact, this is something that almost all plants do have. But how much does it really affect? The thing that eucalyptus does to the soil reduces its fertility of it. That makes it harder to grow new things or just other things in the same soil surrounding it.

How large that impact can depend on the age of the tree. Older trees will have a larger root system able to affect larger areas. Another thing it does is degrade the soil and then release carbon. Something that can have a severe impact on the environment around it. 

If you want to learn even more about growing eucalyptus and the impact that it has shown to have then we have written the perfect article for you. It covers a lot of the most common questions. Find it here, Why You Should Not Plant Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus Tree Growing In The Shade

Is Eucalyptus Bad For Soil

Just like we said at the beginning of this article, the biggest impact that eucalyptus has on the soil is to decrease its fertility of it. It makes it more difficult to get new things growing there and generally just makes it an uninhabitable place. But this can of course be countered by cutting down and reducing the amount of eucalyptus growing in one spot.

If you are worried about having a eucalyptus tree at home growing and having an impact on the surrounding plants and trees then you should’nt be too worried. The biggest noticeable impact is done when it’s growing in larger amounts. A single tree will not destroy your garden at home. Pruning it regularly will further reduce that risk however because it keeps it in check.

We mentioned that it also degrades the soil and makes it release carbon. But on top of this, it reduces the pH of the soil. It lowers it to a point where other plants can grow in it. It makes it only habitable for eucalyptus. This might be the biggest reason for not growing eucalyptus at home. Instead, you might want to consider growing it in a pot instead to completely limit its advancements.

An interesting fact we want to include in this post is the increase of acidity in the soil. This will make it more habitable for fungi to grow. The effect a large mycelium will have on the land is that it’s water repellent. It makes it difficult to get new things growing there as the water storage is very poor. It can be fixed, but with most things growing it will take a long time to do right.

Eucalyptus Tree Flowering

Can Eucalyptus Leaves Bad For Garden?

Unfortunately, the impact that the leaves can have on the rest of the garden is severe when left to be. If they are left to shed on their own and decompose in spots where bushes or flowers are growing then it can have a big impact. As it decomposes it lowers the pH and releases toxic chemicals that can be bad for the soil.

Therefore the leaves must be decomposed correctly so as to not have an impact on the soil. The best way to do this is to create a separate one for composting eucalyptus leaves and keep it away from other neighboring crops.

Let’s reiterate again what we have been talking about in this article right here. The impact that eucalyptus can have on the soil can be severe. It makes the pH of the soil lower and therefore makes it unfavorable for other plants to grow there. This is the best argument against growing eucalyptus. Although, having one at home won’t have a severe effect if kept in check.

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A Forest Of Eucalyptus Trees

Why Do People Hate Eucalyptus Trees

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Welcome to this post about why people hate eucalyptus trees. Might seem like a harsh statement or opinion but in recent years it has gained a lot of resentment from people. The biggest reason is that it was a very trendy tree to plant for some time and then sort of lost that popularity. But growing trees is not a thing that comes and goes in a few years. They stick with us for a long time.

So people were left with trees they maybe didn’t want to have. Growing trees really is a commitment. Thankfully you shouldn’t feel bad for cutting down eucalyptus because it’s such an easy one to grow. Being one of the fastest growing trees out there you be losing out on much.

If you want to continue reading about eucalyptus and some of the arguments against growing it then we have an article covering this topic. You can find it right here, Why You Should Not Plant Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus Leaves Growing Outside

Why Do People Hate Eucalyptus Trees

One of the biggest reasons for eucalyptus trees is the speed they grow at. They managed to get a lot of them growing in California in the 1850s. California is also the place where the most eucalyptus growings are concentrated in the US. They were planted for the speed at that they grew and provided plenty of lumber for building.

But this quickly turned sour and people didn’t like them anymore after seeing the speed at that they could overtake areas. It’s an invasive species that was brought from Australia. In that environment, it had to struggle to survive as the soil is dry and they barely see any rain in some places. California is also a very dry place and basically a desert to grow on. But compared to the previous habitat it was a blessing for the eucalyptus trees.

The most solid argument against growing more eucalyptus is the fact it doesn’t promote diversity in the forest and land. But growing one at home won’t do a lot of harm, at least we can’t see how it does. When it establishes itself it becomes a denser forest of it and then it’s hard to take back that.

Having only one thing growing in one area is obviously not a good thing. Both for the diversity of plants as we said, but also for wildlife. Some animals and insects are dependent on certain things growing where they are for them to survive.

A Forest Of Eucalyptus Trees

Is Eucalyptus Bad For The Environment?

So are all these eucalyptus trees bad for the environment at the end of the day? The environment is probably not to the degree, we are at now. But it can certainly have a big impact if things get out of hand and we let these trees overpopulate more places.

Even though it takes a short time for them to grow compared to many other trees, it doesn’t really get noticed until it’s too late and they have established themselves. The things that can be done however to prevent them from taking over completely is just cutting them down. But then the impact the transport and the machines necessary to do this job have on the environment might be worse than just letting them grow.

Let’s reiterate again a bit of what we have been talking about in this article here. Eucalyptus is a tree that very easily will start to take over a place and force other plants living there out. This is the biggest argument against growing eucalyptus and promoting its growth. But keeping a tree at home in your garden won’t ruin the environment and you should have to worry about that.

If you want to learn about the impact that eucalyptus can have on the soil where it’s growing then we have written an article dedicated to just that. You can find that right here, Is Eucalyptus Bad For Soil?

Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside

How Do You Germinate A Eucalyptus Seed

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Welcome to this article about how you can germinate a eucalyptus seed the best way. Thankfully this tree is such a fast grower that speeding up the germination process is not really worth it. Instead, you should simply plant it as a normal plant in hefty soil that has been watered properly.

Place the container with the seed in a sunny window and let it be for about 4 weeks. After that point, you will see clear results of its growing and development. You will quickly learn that it goes fast for this one to grow. You will almost be able to see changes from day to day with it.

If you want to read our complete and comprehensive guide to growing eucalyptus and especially from seed then we have put together a guide just for you. You can find it right here, How To Grow Eucalyptus From Seed.

Flowering Eucalyptus Tree

How Do You Germinate A Eucalyptus Seed

The only way to properly germinate a eucalyptus seed is to place it in the soil and let it sprout by itself. It is the natural method and the only way to have a successful germination. Now it can differ a bit on the technique you use. Some let the seeds sit in water at the night to let them absorb it and require less water in the soil. It might sound weird but the seed can drown if you sow it in soil with too much water, but it generally won’t drown if you leave it in water overnight. It will depend on the oxygen in the soil in most cases.

The soil that you should use is one with some sand mixed in with it. About 10 – 20 % seems to be the ideal number for us at last. This will make it a bit easier to sprout in as it’s not as compact. Also because the natural habitat for eucalyptus is in Australia. Here the soil is very dry and often made up of limestone and sand, late last where eucalyptus seems to be growing to a great extent. We can mimic this environment to some degree but keeping it well watered is important.

The things you need to be doing while it’s germinating are basically keeping it from drying out too much but also making sure it gets enough sun. Even though you might not see any of it above the surface, it still needs sunlight. We go by the rule of getting it around 6 – 8 hours per day if you keep it outside. Indoors it should get at least 10 hours. The difference is because of the concentration that the plant gets compared to the outside. This amount also doesn’t change a whole lot the older it gets. It stays the same for the most part.

Eucalyptus Stems Growing Outdoors

How Long Do Eucalyptus Seeds Take To Germinate?

How long can you then expect them to take to germinate? Well, usually between 18 – 21 days is the time. This holds true in most cases and even places where it gets cultivated in. At the end of this period, you should actually be able to see the first signs of life above the soil.

If you weren’t aware of the speed at that eucalyptus can grow then you surely will if you decide to grow this tree. Just during one season, it can grow about 8 feet tall. Comparing that to the average of other trees being around 2 – 3 feet we can see a clear winner. But with this speed also comes a bit more work. Eucalyptus often needs to be pruned more than other trees.

Pink Eucalyptus Flowers

Does Eucalyptus Seed Need Light To Germinate?

Yes, it will need light to germinate property. It can be very difficult for it to grow at the speed we want it to if it’s not getting enough sun during the day. About 6 – 8 hours outside and 10 hours inside is the guideline to follow.

If it gets less then it will simply take longer for it to grow. If none at all then it will be a very leggy and not very pleasant-looking plant.

Let’s reiterate again what we talked about in this article. The germination process will take about 18 – 21 days and is best done by letting the seeds sit in soil that is well draining and well watered. Placing it in a sunny window will further increase the success rate of germinating it.

If you wish to learn even more about growing and sowing eucalyptus seeds then we highly recommend reading one of our articles talking about that. You can find it here, How Long Does Eucalyptus Take To Grow From Seed.

Eucalyotus Tree Flowering Outside

How Long Does Eucalyptus Take To Grow From Seed

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Welcome to this post about how long you can expect your eucalyptus to grow from seed. it might actually be a lot faster than you expect. If you sow the seeds in April or May then you can honestly see it grow about 6 – 8 feet tall in just that year. This is of course if you keep it in the best possible environment and take care of it very well. In this article, we will be discussing exactly that.

Thankfully it’s a tree that can manage drought periods very well. But keeping it happy is really not that difficult. Following the proper watering schedule and guidelines as well as keeping it in the sun, a lot will cover 90 % of the work.

If you want to learn even more about growing eucalyptus and especially growing it from seed then we have the perfect article for you. It answers a lot of the most common questions you might have. You can find it here, How To Grow Eucalyptus From Seed.

Flowering Eucalyptus Outdoors

How Long Does Eucalyptus Take To Grow From Seed

Growing eucalyptus from seed is one of the fastest things you can have at home. It takes between 18 –  21 days for it to fully germinate and develop roots. This is also the timeline it will take for it to start showing signs above the soil. Because it grows so fast it’s one of the most popular trees or plants to grow right now. But it has gotten some backlash, mostly from people who don’t like the fact it grows this quickly. They feel it establishes itself too well and pushes other plants out.

Let’s talk a bit about the timelines that happen when growing eucalyptus from a seed. The first part is of course the germination party we mentioned above. This takes between 18 – 21 days and after 4 weeks you will definitely be able to see it above the surface. After this, we need to keep it in a sunny spot where it can enjoy the sun and continue growing. The soil should be kept very well watered but above all, well-draining. The water that you give it should not be staying at the surface for a very long time. This is a clear indication that something is wrong with the soil.

After it has been growing for about 3 months it should definitely be ready to grow outside. At this point, you need to prepare a sunny spot in the garden for it to grow in. It should also be well-draining and not pool water. If you want to keep it indoors however you can just plant it in a pot and prune it regularly to keep the growth contained.

Outdoors however you should’nt be pruning it a whole lot until the end of the season. Then the biggest work will take place. Cutting away around 40 % of the tree is recommended to give room for new sprouts the next spring.

Flowering Eucalyptus Tree

How To Sow Eucalyptus Seeds

Sowing eucalyptus seeds is very easy. Since they grow so quickly it might be worth seeding them in a slightly larger container than what you would use for herbs or vegetables. This will make it easier to transplant it later on for the outside or a larger pot.

Push down the seed just a couple of millimeters below the surface and lightly cover it with soil and tap it gently. This will quickly start germinating and like we said, within 4 weeks you will see it growing above the soil. Keep it well watered and in the sun and it will be a very happy little eucalyptus seedling.

Let’s reiterate again the question we started with, how long it will take for the seed to grow? About 18 – 21 days is what we have found to be the rule of thumb. But don’t be surprised if it’s earlier or later as it depends a lot on the climate you are growing it in.

If you want to learn even more about growing eucalyptus and how you can germinate the seeds even faster then we have written a guide just about that. You can find it here, How Do You Germinate A Eucalyptus Seed.

Eucalyptus Stems Growing Outdoors

Is Eucalyptus Slow Growing

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Welcome to this post about whether eucalyptus is a slow-growing tree. We might as well reveal the answer right away, it’s a very fast-growing tree. It can grow about 8 feet or 2 meters tall in just one season, even if you grow it from seed the same year.

So if you want a slow-growing tree then this really is not the one for you. It might even surprise you at the speed it keeps up. This is why regular pruning is often recommended for growing eucalyptus. 

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Is Eucalyptus Slow Growing

If you were thinking that eucalyptus would be a very slow-growing tree to have at home then unfortunately not. This specific variety is one of the fastest-growing you can have in your garden. If you read the beginning of this article then you would have read about the insane rate of 8 feet per season. Compare that to the norm of growing trees, which are about 3 – 4 feet per year at the high end. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people feel like eucalyptus is an invasive species that should be grown.

It can establish itself very quickly in a new area of the world. On one side it can be very good for those that want something that grows quickly and shows results. It is also very good for off-hand growing as the only work you will need to put in is at the end of the season. This is when it will need to be heavily pruned to keep the growth steady and not tip over. It also gives room for new cuttings to sprout when spring finally arrives.

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Eucalyputs Tree Flowering Outside

We figured we might include some timelines for you to check on when you are growing eucalyptus. At the two-week mark, it might show the first signs above the surface. This is after you have sown it of course. The first part of any plant’s life is germination. This is when the seed sprouts and takes nutrition from the soil. If you haven’t seen anything after 2 weeks then definitely after 4 weeks.

After 3 months you should be able to transplant it to the outside and keep it there. Since it’s a tree it should be growing outside. Now you won’t have to do a whole lot. If the summer is very hot however then maybe 2 – 3 times a week you will need to water the soil around it. But during the second year, you don’t have to worry about this. The roots will have grown deep enough to start draining nutrition and feeding water for themselves. But supplementing during dry times is a good idea nonetheless.

Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outdoors

Fast Growing And Hardy Eucalyptus

That’s the tagline I would have for growing this tree. It grows really fast, after a year it will be taller than you. It beat outs other trees by a great margin in growth speed. But the hardiness of this tree is impressive too. Even though it’s native to a very special and dry climate in Australia it can manage fine in others too. It might grow slightly slower in colder parts of the world. But that shouldn’t deter you from trying it out anyway.

Just following the guidelines of keeping it well watered and in the sun as much as possible will keep it very happy.

Let’s reiterate again the question that we started off with. Is eucalyptus slow growing? No, definitely not. It grows very fast and shows results quickly. If you are eager to have something growing in your garden this might be the best choice out there in all honesty.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside

Eucalyptus Disadvantages

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Welcome to this post that will talk about the disadvantages of eucalyptus. If you are a fan of this tree and variety then the unfortunate news is that there are quite a lot of problems with it.

Some of these include the leaves being very toxic if eaten raw. They can cause nausea and severe stomach pain, it can even be fatal if you consume too much. But the impact the tree has on the environment and soil is also noticeable.

In this article, we will be discussing the topic of the disadvantages of eucalyptus. Follow along and you might learn a thing or two!

Flowering Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus Disadvantages

Just like we said at the beginning of this article here, the disadvantages of the tree are many. Some of these include that the tree has some really toxic leaves that you should definitely try and avoid.

The natural oils in the leaves are what is toxic and if you would just consume a teaspoon the result can be fatal. But even though this is proven, natural oils are still widely used in making candles and shampoo for example. 

We also talked about the disadvantages of the eucalyptus tree on the soil. Here it can be pretty impactful as it pushes out other plants. As the leaves are falling to the ground they start to decompose and eventually make the soil turn sour. The pH will be lowered.

This lower level of pH makes it very uninhabitable for other plants to be growing nearby. This way the eucalyptus tree has a much easier time establishing itself and over time the only thing growing there will be eucalypts.

As the area slowly becomes only of eucalyptus trees the biodiversity has taken a big hit. This does not only impact plant life but also wildlife. A lot of animals are dependent on certain trees and plants growing nearby. Without this, survival becomes a lot harder.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering

Why You Should Not Plant Eucalyptus

There are many reasons for not planting a eucalyptus tree. We are going to assume that you want to do it at home in the garden. The biggest reason not to is the root system.

The roots not only grow very deep, they also grow very wide. This makes it difficult for other trees and plants nearby. But it can also impact your house if you have planted the tree too close.

About 20 feet away should be sufficient. This way we can avoid having the roots eventually having an impact on the groundwork under your house.

Growing eucalyptus at home also requires that you clean up after it. We don’t want the leaves to decompose on the ground and make them turn sour. So removing them will keep the rest of your garden safe from harm’s way.

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Eucalyptus Cuttings Growing Outside

Are Eucalyptus Harmful

The eucalyptus tree can be very harmful if you were to consume the leaves on its own. They contain natural oils that if consumed too much can be fatal for you. Not more than 1 small teaspoon will have this devastating effect.

But there are people using the leaves to boil for at least 5 minutes and then inhaling the fumes. This has proven to help with respiratory problems. If you were to drink the water that the leaves have been boiling in, it can help with a sore throat.

The eucalyptus tree also is harmful in the wild to the wildlife and the general diversity of plants and trees. It’s a very competitive tree that can quickly push out other ones and establish itself as the only one in an area.

Flowering Eucalyptus Tree