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Welcome to this post that will talk about whether eucalyptus will smell like mint. It does in fact do since it contains some natural oils that are used widely in the medicinal industry. But this certain oil will contain about 90% eucalyptol. That is an aromatic terpene that smells a lot like mint.

In this article, we will further talk about the smell of eucalyptus. There are a few things you can do to get your eucalyptus tree to smell even more. That included caring for the tree and all that is included in that. 

Eucalyputs Tree Growing

Does Eucalyptus Smell Like Mint

As we said at the beginning of this article here, eucalyptus will smell a lot like mint because of the natural oil that is found in the tree. Mostly these will be located in the leaves of the tree. 

The natural oil will contain something called eucalyptol, up to 90 % of it actually. This is what will provide that signature minty flavor that you get from eucalyptus. But the smell of eucalyptus is a smell of its own. That cooling and slightly wintergreen note to it makes it a favorite among a lot of people.

The best way of getting eucalyptus to really smell great and thrive is to take care of it properly. We find that pruning the tree is incredibly important as that will keep the tree growing at a steady pace and develop a good trunk with time.

But more than that you need to also make sure you have placed the tree in a good spot in the garden. It likes a sunny spot where it can get a lot of energy from the sunlight and therefore it will smell more.

The best time of the year to be smelling the fragrant eucalyptus is in the early summer. That’s when the tree will grow the fastest and also develop the most eucalyptus oil that will be what smell like mint.

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Eucalyputs Growing In The Garden

What Type Of Eucalyptus Smells Good

The best variety of eucalyptus to grow at home if you want something that smells very good is Eucalyptus Glaucescens. It has a very lovely aroma of mint and will smell both refreshing and cool at the same time. 

This variety will produce some thinly and nicely shaped leaves that will have a slightly blue hue to them. These will stay fragrant for a very long time after you have taken cuttings. They fit in perfectly as a small bouquet sitting in water in the kitchen. 

As for growing this variety it’s also very easy, it will grow very similar to regular eucalyptus. It grows quickly and will require quite a lot of pruning to make sure the trunk gets properly developed and won’t grow skinny and leggy.

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Is Eucalyptus Similar To Menthol

The smell of eucalyptus will have a lot of similarities with menthol in that the smell will basically be very close together. There are a lot of trees and herbs out there that smell like menthol, and eucalyptus is one of them. 

The best smell of menthol from eucalyptus is in the leaves. Here the most growth and most exposed growth will be shown. They are fragrant growing on the tree and rubbing them between your hands will release even more flavor and aroma

They are a fantastic alternative to have in the kitchen in a small bouquet. Providing both beauty and smell.

Eucalyputs Tree Growing Outside