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You might think that a eucalyptus tree that is peeling off its own bark is starting to die, as that can be said for other trees. But for eucalyptus, it’s an important process in rejuvenating itself and getting rid of any moss or lichens growing on the bark.

It will give room for new growth and this process is what can be credited for the rapid speed at that eucalyptus trees grow. In this article, we will dive deeper into what the peeling of the bark means and what are some things that you could be doing about it.

Flowering Eucalyptus Tree Outside

Eucalyptus Tree Bark Peeling Off

Like we said at the beginning of this article here, the bark peeling off from the tree is really not that bad. It’s an important process that gets rid of any moss or lichens that would be growing on the outside of the tree. 

Another interesting thing is that the bark will actually perform photosynthesis and continue making the tree grow. Because of this the tree can still at an old age continue to grow very very quickly.

The bark peeling off is the reason why eucalyptus is known for spreading so easily. It can take over complete lands in a matter of a decade since the tree will reach a stage where it can spread both roots and seeds a lot faster.

Some of the things that you could be doing when you see that the tree is peeling bark are to make sure it has enough water. The tree is exposed when the bark is peeling off and this means we need to have it in a great environment and stage. 

As for the bark that is peeling off, you should throw it away otherwise you’ll just stay and start to decompose. That might attract some unwanted insects to your garden and the smell won’t be nearly as great as the menthol note coming from eucalyptus.

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Flowering Eucalyptus Tree

Does Peeling Bark Mean A Tree Is Dying

A tree that is peeling bark will indicate that it is dying. It means the tree is not getting enough nutrients to continue growing and being able to stay alive. So yes, a tree peeling bark is a very bad sign.

But the reason can be caused by a few things. The most common one is that the tree is not getting nutrients but it can also be because of too dry soil. The tree can’t find any water.

Other factors include insects or disease attacks on the tree. That is a very severe problem that will mostly only affect trees that have already had issues before with either water or nutrients.

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Flowering Eucalyptus Tree Outside

How Do I Know When A Eucalyptus Tree Is Dying

The eucalyptus tree is an evergreen tree that will show that it’s dying if it’s starting to turn brown. Since the tree can have leaves all year round as soon as you start to see the leaves turning brown and new growth is very hard to find then the tree might be nearing the end.

At this point, the best thing you can do is water the soil and fertilize it. That will hopefully provide it with some very needed nutrients. If the tree has been attacked by either insects or gotten a disease or pest then the likelihood of it surviving is slim.

The best thing to keep a eucalyptus from dying is to have it grow healthy all the time. So we need to care for it in the way of regularly watering the soil if it’s needed and also cutting off stems to promote new growths coming out.

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