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Welcome to this post about when the best time can be to plant eucalyptus trees. It might be a difficult decision for some to choose the best time, but we usually say that doing it right now is better than waiting. Unless that time is during winter, then you maybe should wait for spring.

Nonetheless, eucalyptus is a fast-growing tree that can grow almost 8 feet tall in one season. An impressive amount compared to many other trees out there or plants for that matter. If you want to maximize the potential of this then the best time to plant is around April – May.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside

When Should Eucalyptus Trees Be Planted

As we said at the beginning of this article, the best time to plant eucalyptus is really in April or in May. This time of the year the temperature is a bit warmer and it will be easier to get it growing very quickly.

But there are a few techniques you may want to use. This mostly includes making sure the soil is very well draining when you plant the tree. Other things to look for are that the soil can take on water very well and it won’t stay at the surface. If you want to sow eucalyptus directly on freeland then it’s entirely possible to do this when the ground has warmed up. That’s why we recommend that the best time is just in April – May.

When sowing it on freeland the same guidelines apply than when you grow it in a pot. A well-draining soil and plenty of access to the sun. Outside it will require slightly less sun than growing indoors. We say that 6 – 8 hours will be sufficient indoors. It should be around 10 hours instead. The reason this increases so much is that the sun is just not able to penetrate and give the same energy to something indoors. In most cases, there is a window in the way that dulls the effect.

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Eucalyptus Leaves Growing Outside

Eucalyptus Leaves Can Be A Real Treat

One of the most exciting things when growing eucalyptus is seeing the first leaves start appearing. It shows the result of all the hard work you put into making sure the plant has the best possible environment. But it also makes you able to get some use from the plant. Using the eucalyptus tree leaves in tea is a fantastic way of making the most of this tree. It’s one of our favorite ways of having it.

Let’s reiterate again a little bit about what we have been talking about here. Eucalyptus is a tree that can grow very well in most types of climates. It’s technically an invasive species so it establishes itself very easily and becomes a hardy and stable part of your garden. The best time of the year to plant eucalyptus we have found to be in April or May. Generally when the temperature gets higher and the risk of frost is mitigated.

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Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outside