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Welcome to this post about how long you can expect your eucalyptus to grow from seed. it might actually be a lot faster than you expect. If you sow the seeds in April or May then you can honestly see it grow about 6 – 8 feet tall in just that year. This is of course if you keep it in the best possible environment and take care of it very well. In this article, we will be discussing exactly that.

Thankfully it’s a tree that can manage drought periods very well. But keeping it happy is really not that difficult. Following the proper watering schedule and guidelines as well as keeping it in the sun, a lot will cover 90 % of the work.

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How Long Does Eucalyptus Take To Grow From Seed

Growing eucalyptus from seed is one of the fastest things you can have at home. It takes between 18 –  21 days for it to fully germinate and develop roots. This is also the timeline it will take for it to start showing signs above the soil. Because it grows so fast it’s one of the most popular trees or plants to grow right now. But it has gotten some backlash, mostly from people who don’t like the fact it grows this quickly. They feel it establishes itself too well and pushes other plants out.

Let’s talk a bit about the timelines that happen when growing eucalyptus from a seed. The first part is of course the germination party we mentioned above. This takes between 18 – 21 days and after 4 weeks you will definitely be able to see it above the surface. After this, we need to keep it in a sunny spot where it can enjoy the sun and continue growing. The soil should be kept very well watered but above all, well-draining. The water that you give it should not be staying at the surface for a very long time. This is a clear indication that something is wrong with the soil.

After it has been growing for about 3 months it should definitely be ready to grow outside. At this point, you need to prepare a sunny spot in the garden for it to grow in. It should also be well-draining and not pool water. If you want to keep it indoors however you can just plant it in a pot and prune it regularly to keep the growth contained.

Outdoors however you should’nt be pruning it a whole lot until the end of the season. Then the biggest work will take place. Cutting away around 40 % of the tree is recommended to give room for new sprouts the next spring.

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How To Sow Eucalyptus Seeds

Sowing eucalyptus seeds is very easy. Since they grow so quickly it might be worth seeding them in a slightly larger container than what you would use for herbs or vegetables. This will make it easier to transplant it later on for the outside or a larger pot.

Push down the seed just a couple of millimeters below the surface and lightly cover it with soil and tap it gently. This will quickly start germinating and like we said, within 4 weeks you will see it growing above the soil. Keep it well watered and in the sun and it will be a very happy little eucalyptus seedling.

Let’s reiterate again the question we started with, how long it will take for the seed to grow? About 18 – 21 days is what we have found to be the rule of thumb. But don’t be surprised if it’s earlier or later as it depends a lot on the climate you are growing it in.

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