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Welcome to this article about how you can germinate a eucalyptus seed the best way. Thankfully this tree is such a fast grower that speeding up the germination process is not really worth it. Instead, you should simply plant it as a normal plant in hefty soil that has been watered properly.

Place the container with the seed in a sunny window and let it be for about 4 weeks. After that point, you will see clear results of its growing and development. You will quickly learn that it goes fast for this one to grow. You will almost be able to see changes from day to day with it.

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Flowering Eucalyptus Tree

How Do You Germinate A Eucalyptus Seed

The only way to properly germinate a eucalyptus seed is to place it in the soil and let it sprout by itself. It is the natural method and the only way to have a successful germination. Now it can differ a bit on the technique you use. Some let the seeds sit in water at the night to let them absorb it and require less water in the soil. It might sound weird but the seed can drown if you sow it in soil with too much water, but it generally won’t drown if you leave it in water overnight. It will depend on the oxygen in the soil in most cases.

The soil that you should use is one with some sand mixed in with it. About 10 – 20 % seems to be the ideal number for us at last. This will make it a bit easier to sprout in as it’s not as compact. Also because the natural habitat for eucalyptus is in Australia. Here the soil is very dry and often made up of limestone and sand, late last where eucalyptus seems to be growing to a great extent. We can mimic this environment to some degree but keeping it well watered is important.

The things you need to be doing while it’s germinating are basically keeping it from drying out too much but also making sure it gets enough sun. Even though you might not see any of it above the surface, it still needs sunlight. We go by the rule of getting it around 6 – 8 hours per day if you keep it outside. Indoors it should get at least 10 hours. The difference is because of the concentration that the plant gets compared to the outside. This amount also doesn’t change a whole lot the older it gets. It stays the same for the most part.

Eucalyptus Stems Growing Outdoors

How Long Do Eucalyptus Seeds Take To Germinate?

How long can you then expect them to take to germinate? Well, usually between 18 – 21 days is the time. This holds true in most cases and even places where it gets cultivated in. At the end of this period, you should actually be able to see the first signs of life above the soil.

If you weren’t aware of the speed at that eucalyptus can grow then you surely will if you decide to grow this tree. Just during one season, it can grow about 8 feet tall. Comparing that to the average of other trees being around 2 – 3 feet we can see a clear winner. But with this speed also comes a bit more work. Eucalyptus often needs to be pruned more than other trees.

Pink Eucalyptus Flowers

Does Eucalyptus Seed Need Light To Germinate?

Yes, it will need light to germinate property. It can be very difficult for it to grow at the speed we want it to if it’s not getting enough sun during the day. About 6 – 8 hours outside and 10 hours inside is the guideline to follow.

If it gets less then it will simply take longer for it to grow. If none at all then it will be a very leggy and not very pleasant-looking plant.

Let’s reiterate again what we talked about in this article. The germination process will take about 18 – 21 days and is best done by letting the seeds sit in soil that is well draining and well watered. Placing it in a sunny window will further increase the success rate of germinating it.

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Eucalyotus Tree Flowering Outside