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Welcome to this post about if there is a dwarf eucalyptus tree. In short, yes there are. They are still called dwarf eucalyptus trees even though they usually grow about 10 feet tall. Compare that to the normal and you might wonder why they are still called dwarf trees. But we digress. In this article, we will talk about how you can propagate these types of eucalyptus and how to succeed with them.

They grow very similar to the more common ones. But we will also talk about using this variety to grow indoors and keep as a decoration tree. This is probably the best purpose it can serve.

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A Forest Of Eucalyptus Trees

Is There A Dwarf Eucalyptus Tree

Yes, there are dwarf trees of the eucalyptus family. These only grow about 10 feet tall and are a wonderful example of what you can be growing at home with great success. It’s a type of tree that we actually often recommend people get if they want something decorative indoors. Now you might say that how can you have a 10 feet tall eucalyptus plant indoors?

Well, it all really comes down to pruning the tree correctly. This means that we want to cut away all the larger stems and branches when they get out of hand. This will keep your tree intact and stable throughout its life indoors.

The earlier you start this process of pruning the better. You want to keep the main stems relatively intact but also prune them a lot. This is the main driver for how tall the tree will become. Cut it down regularly and you can keep your eucalyptus tree indoors for longer.

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Eucalyptus Tree Blossoming Outside

Having it regularly pruned is one of the important steps to care for but there are others as well. These include proper water. The tree does manage soil with barely any nutrition or water. It’s native to Australia and here they have plenty of that environment. So don’t worry about missing a day or even a week sometimes. But having it well watered but with soil that is well drained will make it grow very well. Having a healthy plant is more important than just having one in its natural environment.

Placing it in the right spot is also very important. We always recommend having it next to a sunny window. This will keep it very happy and thriving as well. One of the best things about growing it in a pot is that you can move it around wherever you want to. Then during the summer, you can keep the tree outdoors instead to make it easier on yourself and the tree to get the necessary sun.

Eucalyptus Leaves Growing Outside

Smallest Eucalyptus Tree

The smallest eucalyptus tree is the dwarf variety. It grows about 10 feet tall only. But you might think this is too tall. Then you need to prune it regularly to keep it in check. It can manage to prune very well because it grows so quickly. This way we can keep it at around 1 – 2 feet tall at almost all times.

Can You Grow Eucalyptus In A Small Garden?

You absolutely can grow eucalyptus in a small garden. Even though other trees like plum and peach might grow well too, you don’t need to neglect eucalyptus. The smallest variety is called the dwarf eucalyptus. These get about 10 feet tall. You might think that’s too much. But then we would say that you can prune it to whichever size you want. This gives you the freedom of designing your garden as you want to.

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Eucalyptus Trees Growing Outside