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Welcome to this post about the negative impacts that the eucalyptus tree can have on the environment. Unfortunately, there are quite a few that will want to be aware of before planting one at home.

In this article, we will talk about the impact we see in the soil, the biodiversity, and lastly the other trees and plants growing nearby.

What we find the worst side of growing eucalyptus is that the soil will turn sour and uninhabitable for other plants as it’s difficult for them to establish themselves.

Eucalyptus Tree Growing In The Garden

Eucalyptus Tree Harmful To Environment

Just like we established at the beginning of this article here, the impact on the environment that eucalyptus can have is severe. The first is the soil around it.

The leaves of the tree contain a lot of natural oils that will start to decompose and make the soil difficult for others to grow in as the pH lowers. The tree grows quickly and therefore there will be an abundance of leaves to fall down. 

This then leads to not many things being able to grow there and an environment where eucalyptus is present. This is the impact the tree has on biodiversity. It impacts not only plants but also the wildlife there. Many animals need certain plants and trees to be able to survive.

The roots of the eucalyptus will grow deep but also wide. This makes it able to secure a lot of nutrients from the soil. But since it grows wide it will choke out other plants and trees in the nearby proximity

As a side note, there are some positives. The tree is able to grow in places where other trees won’t thrive. Where the soil is dry and not rich in nutrients the eucalyptus tree can still grow.

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Flowering Eucalyptus Tree Outside

Is Eucalyptus Bad For Soil

Something that is widely accepted in the gardening community is that the eucalyptus tree is toxic or bad for the soil. But this is not really true. It does have an impact but it’s the leaves that have that effect.

The leaves are rich in natural oils, an ingredient used in a lot of products such as soap or scented candles. When these are taken care of then they cause no harm to the soil

But if they are left on the ground they will eventually decompose and cause the soil to turn sour. The pH lowers because of these natural oils. This makes it harder for other plants to grow there.

The best way to combat this is by picking up and collecting the leaves as soon as they start falling. Doing this will keep the rest of your garden safe.

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Eucalyptus Growing In The Shade

Why Are Environmentalists Against Eucalyptus

The biggest reason for environmentalists being against the cultivation of this tree is that it will cause the soil to be sour. It pushes out other plants and trees and makes the only thing possible to grow there the eucalyptus tree.

The effect it has on topsoil erosion is also bad. It makes it difficult for grass to grow there and after some time it will kill off. The grass is a food source for a lot of animals in the wild, it’s difficult to promote any form of diverse wildlife this way.

Even though the tree can live without a lot of water, if it has the possibility to consume water then it will. It steals water from other trees and makes it difficult for them to grow, but also makes them more susceptible to diseases and pests.

Flowering Eucalyptus Outdoors